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Matthew Wilson
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Post by Matthew Wilson » Mon Sep 23, 2002 5:40 pm

As someone put it in an email to me recently: The Comet Race Narrow is "a steel toothpick."

I have to agree. I am fairly new to slalom, and after a fair amount of research I somehow decided that the this board was the best for me to start on. Well, I may have been wrong about that since the flex on this thing is as lively as a mounted fish! Really, you must have solid technique in order to make the board generate speed, and to drive it through the tighter cones.
This is not to say that the board is a dead board. In fact it is far from that. The Comet Race Narrow is a board that needs to be worked. And though I am nowhere near flawless in my technique, I am rewarded when I do pull off a well-initiated pump and turn. The board WILL perform, but it must be driven, it will not drive you. This is a board for the rider who likes to work hard, who really likes to power his/her way through turns, and who has a little extra heft to throw around.

With regards to course compatability, I find the Race Narrow to be more of a hybrid board than a true tight or GS board. The 19" wheelbase is fine for the tight, as long as you get all of your feet onto that 7.5" deck, and adequate for GS if you watch your speed. But the board excels in tight hybrid.

All in all, this is a solid board that needs a solid rider. A beginner like myself will find it difficult and quite frusterating learn to pump since the board waxes off all of its speed if you just mess up once since the flex is so dead. However, it is a board to grow with that will perform strongly under the proper feet.

Recommended? yes, if you are a patient person, or solid rider who likes to start sweating immediately. Otherwise, go with something else.

Advice: be sure to buy the right flex for your weight. I bought a stiff flex and I weigh 175 lbs (about 80 kg) and it is just way too stiff for me to learn to pump on.

My setup: Comet Race Narrow--stiff; Tracker RTX wedged in front, and RTS wedged in rear; Bones blue bushings in front, Bones blue top and green stimulator in rear; Stingers in front and Cambrias in back.

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Brian Morris
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Post by Brian Morris » Sat Nov 30, 2002 7:02 am

The Comet Narrow was the first slalom board I stepped on, it was set up with Hyper Stradas, and Indy 110's. I loved it, it took me about an hour to pick it up, but after that I was able to complete the course and with come speed too! I found the flex to be ok, I am a heavier rider (220 lbs.) and it moved through tight cones with no problem at all. I do agree, I had to push it harder than my Bahne, or any Turner or Roe i've ridden, but personally I think a board you have to push hard is good for beginners. It will teach them to work the board, and build the leg strength to power and pump through a course, so if they decide to ride a board such as a roe, turner, bahne ect. a beginner will eventually be able to really fly through a course.


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