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Lower the camber on the Competition Slalom Decks

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2004 6:49 am
by Paul Howard
ANYONE AT COMET : I heard a rumor that Comet is going to stop making the Gary Cross and O'Shei slalom decks. First off, you guys have one of the best if not the best wood-core constructions out there for slalom. Second since you never responded to my phone messages, e-mails, or written letters I don't expect a response here either but here goes anyway. Third - If you did'nt sell many Cross's or O'Shei's in 2003 I'll tell you why: THERE'S WAY TOO MUCH CAMBER IN IT FOR MOST RIDERS AND YOUR BOARDS ARE MADE ONLY FOR BIG DUDES THAT WEIGH 200+ FRIGG'EN POUNDS. Go back to the old camber idea with more of a hump infront of center and a flatter back half and cut you're camber down to 1/4" or LESS axle to axle and if you use the same thicknesses as before you'll be pretty dang close to a good 2 flex system that would make a whole lot of riders happy. Some reshaping of the tails with a little more board under the rear foot would be nice also. I've won 2 races on my Comets, I probably could have won more if they had A LOT LESS CAMBER ! Thank You very much - Paul Howard

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2004 2:26 pm
by Rick Stanziale
I talked to Jonathan Reese a few days ago, ordered a new GS "Rocket" (rocker instead of camber).

Yeah, Paul, you're right - too much damn camber for us flyweights, though I still ride my original Comet Race Wide which they made without the high camber the 2nd generation Cross and O'Shei decks featured.

Gary Cross has been MIA (from what I've heard) on the slalom circuit. O'Shei still races, I think he was hurt last year, and Comet is sponsoring some of the younger racers (Colorado McClaren if I'm not mistaken).

Enjoyed racing you (Paul) and Ravitch in Breck. Apparently Ravitch has jumped ship.

Hey Rick!

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2004 6:05 am
by Paul Howard
Hey, it was fun racing with you and everybody last year. I'm hoping to go to Breckenridge this year but may have to forgo it for family stuff (at least it'll be fun family stuff and not lame crap family stuff) and make up for it next year. Are you going to Hood River or Morro Bay? Ravitch is now riding Roe's stuff, I am too, it's hard to beat, plus I've got 2 sa-weet Fibreflex's and a Pocket Pistol CW but I'm digressing from the Comet topic. I still like my good old 2002 Gary Cross, and now my buddy Derf is tearing it up on it ( he weighs more than me and it looks good under him). Thanks for adding to my aforementioned comments, maybe somebody Comet related will take notice and act on it (not likely due to underwhelming past non-responses).Think Slalom Globally, Race Slalom Locally! Adios - Pauliwog

Comet Slalom

Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 3:12 am
by Eric Brammer
I too sold my Comet Slalom due to a flex that didn't quite suit me.All it ever needed was a slight reshape/lessening of the camber,and/or a bit of Hickory along the stringers.Rugged beyond belief,and very stable at speed,even with my trucks set on "twitch" mode. Comet should indeed look VERY carefully,not at the Dollar In Sales,but at at the Value-Per-Race their excellent boards have on the impact of their reputation. I believe these guys make some of the best thought-out boards ever,and that they have the resourses,innovation,and ability to make the most cost-effective Super-boards out there.Whether it's reconized at Corporate or not, their boards are built to Race,even If they now make kickflipping punk boards for the street thrashin' set.I flat out went Fast at the'04 Gathering on my Comet Spoon Dh,and tied with Aaron Morris to the 100th/sec in the Longboard Super-G. I almost brought that same board to the Worlds for that Super-G, as it'd been with a tenth of my 2nd-place-finishing Bozi in practices here at home. Comet Should Not even slightly contemplate leaving Slalom Racing, but should instead keep on making Better Boards using Rider Input, and LEARN from the Pros they've signed on. If they don't, well, welcome to the Mainstream,and LOL against Powell... Of course, the Last Powell I bought was in,um,'97,and it was an '88 year-model,oh,and it's For Sale again. I'm frippin' KEEPING my Comet DH,and looking for Another... Ah,yes,please,listen to the beancounters,listen.....

2002 Gary Cross

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 5:23 am
by Paul Howard
Yes, I agree, those guys at Comet are idiots about slalom. WTF!!!!! I'm keeping my 2002 Gary Cross because it's durable, snappy, and if the course is right, it's right. The 2002 had a lower BETTER camber and if they lowered it even more it would be the bomb! I just don't get those guys, it's a laminated bamboo sheet core, all they have to do is do MICRO thickness adjustments in a board planer and they could dial in 5-7 different stiffnesses and have everyone covered much easier and more consistently than all the foam core guys(who generally do a good job, I might add- I love my Roes and PP's). They've also unfurled the 'ol "a new camber form costs too much" line at me and that's rediculous because it's not any more expensive than it was to make their other new molds which they made, plus those new molds feature compound curves which is much more exacting and expensive than a single curve for camber. I have 10 plus years of bowmaking experience behind me and I KNOW they could be doing this. I may get frustrated enough to some day do it myself or with a friend of mine. Comet is a now a "black-box" company- you can't get anything in and you can't get anything out as far as talking to anyone. You're right about them mainstreaming, good luck in the dog eat dog popsickle stick world. Whatever. OK, so I'll stop with my soapbox now and say something positive - I really love slalom and the 2004 World Championships was a blast! Later- Paul Howard