2018 Worlds - Brno, World Champions Super Final - Linköping

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2018 Worlds - Brno, World Champions Super Final - Linköping

Postby Jani Soderhall » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:00 am


World Championships 2018 - Brno, CZE, Aug 3-4-5
World Champions Super Finals - Linköping, SWE, Aug 22-23(-24)

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The ISSA board of directors in collaboration with the EU status Marshals have unanimously awarded the 2018 ISSA World Championships to the city of Brno in Czech Republic. The event will be held August 3-4-5 and cover three disciplines: giant, hybrid and tight, as well as all categories: Pro, AM, Women, Masters, Jun17, Jun14 and Jun11. It will be organized by a team of experienced race organizers led by Petr Matous. The race will be followed by the annual slalom camp (August 6-9) and a smaller event in Policka the following weekend (August 10-11).

We area also pleased to announce the ISSA World Champions Super Final 2018 which will be held in Linköping, Sweden, August 22 (quals), 23 (finals) and 24 (rainday). It will be a single category (Pro) giant and hybrid slalom race gathering all the best. If you are an amateur, master, woman or junior you will have a chance to participate too through a pre-qualifying race on the Wednesday. There will be an attractive prize purse in this high profile televised race. Niklas Hyland is leading the organization of this race which is held in the city center as part of the anniversary celebrations.

The annual ISSA Banked Slalom World Championships will be held in Stockholm, High Valley skatepark, August (24)-25-26.

We'd like to extend our sincere gratitude towards the organizers of each of these events for their dedication to our sport.

Jani Söderhäll, President
Patric Duletzki, Vice President
Hans Koraeus
Robert Thiele
Janis Kuzmins
Maria Carrasco
Sammy Noguiera
Christopher Dupont, EU status marshal
Jani Soderhall
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ISSA President 2011-2015
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