Grey Turner Avalons

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john scott
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Grey Turner Avalons

Post by john scott » Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:27 pm

I'm considering purchasing a set of "Turner" Avalons from an individual, they are light grey in color and I was wondering as to what duro they would probably be. I do not know the age of the wheels but look to be in perfect but dirty shape. I've read on some of the forums about some of the wheels of that color not having any grip to them etc. I like the fact that they are Turners and would be ridden on a Turner but wondering if my money would be better spent on a set of wheels that I DO know the history of (age, duro, etc.)

Any help would GREATLY be appreciated here!


Noah Heinle
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Post by Noah Heinle » Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:29 pm

85a. They're great wheels in hot temps.

Paul Howard
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Grey Turner Avalons

Post by Paul Howard » Thu Jun 28, 2007 4:32 am

Those wheels have served me well as well as their 3DM reincarnations. I still use them. I weighed at most 170lbs and now weigh 150lbs. For me the Grey 85A's were always a better Front wheel with the white 80A's in back. That was always and is still the "go anywhere and be safe" combination. I now mostly use the Seismic Hotspot in Yellow 86A front and White 80A in back, Same wheel only a little bigger, little better but you can't go wrong with Avalons.

One tip: Shave the edges so you have a squared off lip about 1/8" or more all around, then shave even more off the front wheels. That way you won't get the edge catching abruptly if you go into a slide. By trimming the front wheels narrower, you'll go into a 4-wheeled drifting slide instead of a rear-wheel-only fishtail slide which will be much safer and controllable if you have any speed. Also, it will make your front end turn a little easier and faster.

The only time Avalon Grays really lack traction is as a rear wheel in cool weather and if you don't have enough weight on your back wheels(like a lot, with the ball of your foot over or slightly behind your rear truck), but still, I never ride them in back any more, always/only in front.

If the person has 2, buy them and put them in front, if they are selling a set of 4, you can always have 2 boards setup if you buy 4 whites, but you can still run 4 greys all around, especially in hot weather like Noah 'sez. That's my 2 Cents.

Oh yeah, 2 more cents - Someday, someday I'll get Noah, someday. See 'Ya man, hope all is well back east Bro-Pauliwog
I just dig slalom!

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