France - Pyrenean Adventure Games ramps

Starting Line (Ramp)

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France - Pyrenean Adventure Games ramps

Post by Jani Soderhall » Sat Mar 01, 2003 6:36 pm

These ramps were originally built for the 1993 Pyrenean Adventure Games, where Gilmour, Dunn, Brown and Hickey represented the USA, and Luca Giammarco took top honors in slalom and Hickey was unbeatable in the downhill.

The ramps solid construction made them pretty ideal. I'm not sure you can make ramps any better than these.

They're heavy enough not to move even if a heavier / stronger skater pulls off.

There are some stairs in the back to let the next skater get ready and get up on the ramp in time for his race.

The slope is excellent, but probably a bit steep for those not used to ramp starts.

The ramps are even color coded to go with the color of the cones of each course.

There are metal handles that stick out from the vertical wooden poles to give the racer a good handle to pull from.


On the occasion shown on the picture the pressure sensitive timing strip was placed towards the bottom of the ramp.

PS. The skater on the picture won this specific contest on an S-Camber board with Seismic trucks. All featured on live TV. Pretty cool with interviews at the end of each heat!

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