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Spiked X in the City, London [POSTPONED...]

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:56 pm
by Rob Ashby

Spiked X in the City is happening at the weather proof ExCel centre in the heart of London’s docklands over half term from 22-24 October 2010. There is easy access to the venue - with three on site DLR (Docklands Light Railway) stations, easy access to London Underground (Jubilee Line – two stops away on the DLR from Canning Town for ExCel west entrance), parking for 3,700 cars and London City International Airport just 5 minutes away. There are also a variety of nearby hotels see: for more information.
Open from 10am to 6pm each day Spiked X in the City (XTC) gives you the chance to take part in Europe’s biggest and most interactive urban action sports event ever.
With 8 Zones covering Land, Water and Snow, Spiked X in the City has everything you need for the most awesome weekend in London.
With a huge vert ramp, half pipe, massive indoor slalom course, the world’s best ever Parkour course, the world’s biggest indoor Wake Park, a massive Big Air Snow Jump, Freestyle course, art of combat zone, cage cricket, full size roller derby rink, base camp adventurers’ paradise, showcasing talent music stage, EA sports hub and huge chill out zone, this is the best ever weather proof urban action sports collective seen for a very long time!
Combined with elite level competitions, grass roots comps, have a go sessions and open jams Spiked X in the City will have something for all fans of urban and action sports whatever level from rookie to elite to wanting to chill out and watch the best in action entertainment, skill and experience extreme adrenaline rush.
Check out the Zones page on the main X in the City website ( for details on all the fantastic activities on land, water and snow, all within ExCel, London. This event will showcase the best world class athletes and emerging talent.
The organisers have also signed a deal with Sky Sports who will be presenting 8 half hour broadcasts from the show – these will also be syndicated and broadcast across the World.


The UKSSA have been invited along to take part and hold exhibition races and generally promote slalom racing to the public. We will be running novice sessions each day with a competition for the fastest novice through the course each day winning a bag of assorted skate related schwag.

If we have enough interest from European racers then will aim to hold a series of XTC European Challenge Trophy races each day over the weekend. We will decide on the format once we have gauged the number of entries from other countries.
We intend to put on approximately 4 hours of head to head racing and 4 hours of novice “have a go/meet the racers” sessions each day. A daily timetable will be available once we have a better idea of numbers.

If you wish to take part in this event please sign up here: ... 477#signup
Sign up for this event will close at midnight on 10th September 2010.
Please note: There may be a nominal charge of just £10 per entrant to cover expenses but this will be confirmed shortly.

I have been asked by the organisers to provide a racer profile for each rider along with a photograph – this will be used in promotional information and also by the race commentator at the event. Please send these separately to me at: as soon as possible.

This is one event in the UK that cannot be rained off - so what are you waiting for?

Spiked X in the City

Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:18 pm
by Sam Gordon
This will be a fantastic Expo for slalom skating. It'd be great to see the US and European meisterskaters show off their skills to the general public and help put slalom on the UK map.

We know the Swedes like indoor racing.

Are the rest of the World's skaters too pussy to take them on?

Check out the event here:

And sign up here: ... 477#signup

London City airport is a short walk away from the event!
And it's guaranteed dry; unlike every other European race over the last two years!

Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:11 pm
by Sj Kalliokoski
Just my kind stupid question, if race is on end of October why sign up ends early September?

Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:04 am
by Vincent Berruchon
Hey why not!! can we have more details on the schedule?

Spiked X in the City

Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:52 am
by Sam Gordon
Hi Sj and Vince, great to see your interest!

Because it is a big and shared event, we have been asked to give expected figures of participants in advance so that crowd expectations can be managed. Skaters will be expected to talk, communicate and teach the General Public as well as compete. The organisers are putting forward many thousands of pounds to secure the event and to make it a viable commodity, so numbers, entrants and participants have to be managed and controlled to the best of capacity. This is the UKs Number 1 exhibition centre and the event should reflect this, hopefully!

What is really great is that unlike other comps, you get more than one run per day AND get the chance to share your enthusiasm with interested parties.

The provisional schedule for each day over three days is as follows:

Doors open to the public at 10am and close at 6pm.

Slalom Course

10.00am – 11.30am - Open practice for UKSSA head to head racing demos

11.30am – 2.30pm - “Novices have a go /talk to the racers” session

2.30pm – 4.30pm – UKSSA head to head racing demos/ Competition

4.30pm – 5.30pm – “Novices have a go/talk to the racers” session

5.30pm – 6.00pm – Prize giving for best novice times of the day

(Times are approximate and can be moved around so as not to clash with other events)

Depending on attendance from other European riders we will have a “XTC European Indoor Challenge Trophy” race on the Saturday or Sunday.

Owing to the nature of the event it will be absolutely necessary to get in racer pictures and profiles at the earliest possible opportunity for PR purposes.

To give you some idea of what is required, here is the profile put forward by current UK Slalom Champion Paul Price:

"Paul Price is a full time professional slalom skateboard racer who has been competing on the international slalom skateboard racing circuit since 2001 and is ranked in the top 20 in the World.
He is sponsored by Pavel Skateboards and is designer of the best selling 'Pavel Roadster' race board.
He was recently interview on the BBC about skateboarding being introduced into the Olympics.
In the winter months Paul Is a snowboard guide and instructor in Park City, Utah, USA for
He will be using his teaching experience at X in the City to introduce the sport to new riders and give racing tips to more experienced skateboarders."

Hope that helps!


Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:30 pm
by Peter Klang
Make it the World indoor Championships lads

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:49 am
by Rob Ashby
Peter, I can confirm that this race has now been designated The X in the City World Indoor Challenge Trophy - more details coming soon!

Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:17 pm
by Rob Ashby
A reminder to everyone that the sign up for the X in the City World Indoor Slalom Challenge Trophy closes at midnight on Friday 10th September. Don't miss out on the biggest indoor extreme sports show Europe has ever seen.

Details on discounted hotels will be available shortly.

Details on the event here: ... -the-city/

And sign up here: ... 477#signup

Now lets see some of you in London for a change!

Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:47 pm
by Rob Ashby
Just a reminder that sign-up closes at Midnight tonight!!

Racers signed up:

1. Rob Ashby
2. Dominic Barette
3. Sam Gordon
4. Andy Makeham
6. Jon Merrifield
7. Louis Selby
8. Sam Slaven
9. Mike Allison
10. Paul Price
12. Dave Hillier
13. Mmedo 1848 Duffort
14. Tony Lord
15. Nigel Allgood
17. Paul Coupe
19. Jason Martin
20. Ben Williams
23. Michael Stride
24. Christopher Hanson-Graville
25. Scotty Menzies
26. Tim Neal
27. Miles Murphy
28. James Parry Jones
32. Paul Keleher
40. Ella Roggero
41. Mick Reiss
42. Casper Barette
44. Glenn Kessler
45. Louis Allgood
46. Sonny Allgood
47. Ian Cranfield
50. Terry Thackray
51. Chris Linford
52. Milo Linford

5. Bart Brunninkhuis
33. Jeroen Steggink

11. Vincent Berruchon

34. Donald Campbell
35. Dominik Kowalski
36. Christoph Baumann
37. Kathrin Sehl
38. Markus Roch
39. Daniel Vogt

22. Peter Klang
48. Fabian Bjornsterna
49. Antonio Saluena

16. Pablo Ballester
18. Dany Navarro
29. Enrique Tavera

31. Janis Kuzmins

43. Gabriel Steptoe

21. Bruno Oliveira

So don't miss out on being part of this event it has everything - all under one roof!
It's one the weather cannot stop!

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:04 pm
by Rob Ashby
Well the weather couldn't stop it but due to circumstances beyond our control the X in the City event has now been postponed until April 2011 and therefore so has our race.

It appears that the show was getting bigger and bigger to the point where the infrastruture was too small to deliver this world class event.

Obviously I am very disappointed especially after all of the enthusiasm and encouragement received from so many great racers around the world.
We will endeavour to make this event bigger and better when it takes place next year.

Thank you to all of you who have shown your support in this event

This postponement will of course give some of our cousins across the pond plenty of time to start planning ahead :o)

We are considering our options regarding staging an outlaw race in London on the weekend 23rd & 24th October instead.

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:33 pm
by Ricardo Damborenea
Just a one month notice?!?!?
Some attendants have already spent their money in non refundable plane tickets.
Will the organization take care of that in any way?

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:53 am
by Janis kuzmins
Its too Late. I got my ticket to London!!!!!

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:57 am
by Donald Campbell
well,you can still come to london and you will find a nice outlaw race hosted by one of the guest-friendliest groups this planet has to offer.

ricardo:nobody can refund anything here,i guess that's obvious.
or should rob pay any expenses?
what do you think?

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:41 am
by Ricardo Damborenea
I was not thinking on Rob, obviously, but on the organizers of the whole thing. This cancellation doesn't say a lot about their proffesionalism.
Ps: I don't think "can" is the right verb here. They "should" but likely they "won't"

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:06 am
by Donald Campbell
sinc rob is part of a big machinery he probably can't do a thing.
as in most other events where slalom would be a sideshow and any organizer of such a contest would definitely be glad to be part of something bigger to get some attention for his sport,rob is a victim of circumstances.
i have never seen something like a reimbursement in any cancelled skateboard event during the last decades.
so why should it be different here?

in germany we would say that the event got a victim of higher powers.

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:54 am
by Jani Soderhall
It is a pain in the a** though. I don't know if anything could have been done to avoid it (like don't advertize the event if you're no sure yet - if that could be foreseen).

Cancellations really creates problem for those who plan their events well in advance - ie the ideal racers! They sign up and they book tickets - a dream for organizers! Just the oppposite of those that sign up and don't book and don't come. (like someone you complained about in another topic recently).

Damned, I guess there is no way to solve it anyway.
It could be though that races that do get cancelled will have a harder time obtaining a decent status next time. Even if the race organizer, in this case, had no role in the decision and couldn't prevent it.

Let's be positive, is there an alternative right now? Is there an event despite the cancellation that makes it worth the trip, or is better to save the money that is not yet lost and stay home?


Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:24 am
by Janis kuzmins
Donald, the problem is there-You are thinking only that way. This is not a normal situation and dont supporting that!
There was a list with great racers-that race was looking serious.
cancellation one months before its too late!!!
I wrote a mail yesterday morning at 10. am to Rob and get a quick feedback, there was everything ok, and i bought a ticket. Two hours later at race was cancelled. i see a big communication problem there against Rob and Organisers. Sorry -if im organise even small race i have communication with the right people every day. Organiser take care about what there will happening.

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:42 am
by Rob Ashby
The fact that the event and therefore the race was cancelled was completely out of my control. I have been in constant contact with the organisers since June.

Unfortunately it appears the show itself became a victim of its own success with too many people wanting to be involved and show their particular sport.

The following is taken from the letter I received from the organiser:

“The decision has been made based on the overwhelming response for inclusion on the event by sports businesses, athletes and brands. This increase in action sports happening and involvement at the event added extra complexity to delivery with the massive growth. Since the launch of X in the City the event has grown in complexity and scope, growing from 15 to 31 participating sports and from 6,000 m² to 17,000m² to become the largest participation action sports event in the world. I feel that in order to deliver the level of visitor experience required the best course of action was to move the date of the event.

With the increased size and numbers of the competitions and the increasing size and complexity of the key activity structures such as the Wake Park, Ski Slope and Free Running course along with a number of other opportunities which have been presented for inclusion in the event we would rather re-schedule in order to get it absolutely right. We have created something very special and we are determined to do it justice.

Feedback from various partners and brands involved in the event confirmed that April would be an ideal time to hold the event as a prelude to the new summer season.

I am in the process of bringing on board a partner with additional investment and resources. The event needs a bigger team in order to deliver it to the level required and I feel much more confident about succeeding and delivering a product with long term appeal with that infrastructure in place.

I have one chance to get this right and I am determined not to mess it up. You have been very supportive in the process so far and I don’t want to deliver something that isn’t up to scratch.

I understand this decision may impact on your involvement in the show next April and Ideally I would like to meet and talk through in more detail the rationale and plans for the new dateline. Are you free to meet sometime over the next couple of weeks?”

So there you have it – I suppose this way we can ensure that we put on an even bigger and better race in London next April.

I know only too well what it’s like having booked travel only for a race to be postponed. Sam and I experienced this earlier this year when the Slalom Brunch was cancelled – we went to Zurich anyway and went sightseeing instead!

We are trying to see if we can put on an outlaw event in London on the same weekend although being October we will have the English weather to contend with too. We will post up details of any replacement event as soon as possible.

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:56 am
by Donald Campbell

hey relax
all i want to say is that something happened even rob can't control.
it's an unlucky chain of circumstances in your case

but please try to understand the situation.

i will encourage my team to go there next april for sure

i know that rob is one of the most reliable persons out there and i feel with him in the current situation.

don't lash out at somebody who does something please!

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:07 pm
by Michael Stride
It is indeed a shame the event isnt taking place until April, and of course its annoying to those that bought tickets. As far as we were aware the event was going on so I dont see how anyone could have predicted this in advance from the UK Slalomers side.

We travel to races all over that are cancelled due to weather....

We hear about big money races in Madrid with a weeks the cost of getting there is too high.

We go to 'Big' races where the audience is 2 dogs and blind man.

We go to some fantastic races in beautiful locations where everything is wonderful.

We hold races in the UK at the best venue and no Euros come except the Dutch....

Its a real shame, but blaming the Slalom organisers is not constructive. ALL the prep work,the logistics, the timing/ramps, back end officials etc are in place for next time. Lets not forget we now have an excellent 'in' to what will be Europes most high profile extreme sports event not only for next year, but many years to come.

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:18 pm
by Ricardo Damborenea
Nobody is blaming slalom organizers. At least I'm not. I know this cancellation is well beyond their control, as rain is (well... some on this forum would say they can control that too :-))
I wonder how such a big event (there is something similar going on in BCN every year with +40.000 attendance - Movistar Extreme Festival) can be cancelled on a month notice. I'm sure we slalomers are not just the ones affected and I'm sure their sponsors, venue renters, catering cos, pro riders in other cathegories, people that have bought tickets, etc might not be very pleased and wonder whether april is going to be for real.

X in the City

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:51 pm
by Sam Gordon
It is incredibly frustrating both from our side and for all participants for this event to be postponed.

Rob has put in an extreme amount of work on this project to the detriment of his regular job in order to put slalom's best foot forward. Every day he has been in touch with the organisers, badgering them about updating their website and organising accommodation. His driving force has been impressive against the rebuffs and delays. The reason that one minute it was go and the next you heard that it was postponed was because Rob made sure that every participant was made aware of the situation the second that he knew himself.

As you are aware, the situation was out of his control. We would prefer to offer the slalom community an event and will continue so to do, but in 'outlaw' fashion.

Races do get cancelled, Hannover for example, and more recently Zurich Slalombrunch. This year the UKSSA has put on two World Class races at Hog Hill that have been under our total control, having rented the race site for three days and paid insurance to cover said events. We had one International skater turn up following an extensive sign up list and therefore lost a sizeable amount of Euros, making it very difficult for us to run an event again. The X in the City project seemed to be the best way to promote slalom, stop the excuses about English weather (it has rained at virtually every race in Europe over the last two years) and offer a race event that was out of season and in a popular capital. It will still so do in April.

Pstponement is not the result that any of us wanted, but that we do have competitors available means that we can make the best of available circumstances.


Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:35 pm
by Pat Chewning
I suspect that there is more to this than the organizer (of the overall SpikedX in the City) is saying...

I cannot fathom a huge sporting event of this scale cancelling at 1-month notice just because "I feel that in order to deliver the level of visitor experience required the best course of action was to move the date of the event" due to overwhelming growth and response.

There is more to this than they are saying. Perhaps their new "visitor experience" does not even include slalom skateboarding?

Go to the Xin the city website: It still lists the October date. You can still buy tickets...

I predict some money somewhere is going to be missing .....

This is the risk you take when you try to tag along with a larger promotional organizer. You get potential benefits of more exposure to spectators and sponsors in trade for less control of the event. Sometimes it works well (City of Antrim, Oregon State Games), sometimes it does not (Spiked X in the City, Gorge Games).

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:50 pm
by Rob Ashby
A few things I would like to mention at this point regarding the registration for this event that must improve when this is re-scheduled in April.

Sign up for the race opened on 16th August and closed on 10th September.
Sj asked further up this thread:
“If race is on end of October why sign up ends early September?”
To which Sam Gordon gave a full explanation, also further up this thread.
Yet still after the sign up closed on 10th September a further 9 people signed up! Luckily I had over estimated the number of racers to the organiser so was able to add most of them but I still had to ask for a further 3 extra slalom athlete slots.
If anyone has ever organised an event within a larger event you will know that the production company or main organisers work to a strict timetable or schedule and require certain detail from those taking part to enable proper planning. For the last three years I have organised races at the National Action Sports Show (NASS), another extreme sports event combined with a music festival. So in terms of requirements deadlines I thought I knew what to expect from the organisers of X in the City, but there was so much more to do than with NASS. There were so many people involved with this show; I was dealing with the PR Company, the organiser, the project manager, the safety co-ordinator, the logistics/operations manager and Sky TV.
So in future if a sign up closes on a certain date – then it closes on that date!
It is for a reason, it’s not because I want to be awkward, maybe it’s because I have to tell the organising committee how many racers we have, who they are, what they have done, what they have won etc.?

The event information told people that once they had signed up they had to send me a rider profile and photograph which would be used in publicity for the event i.e. in the show guide, for any TV coverage of the event and for use by our race commentator. There were printing deadlines for the PR Company to meet and detail of riders needed for the main website; I was being chased for these almost daily. At the time the event was cancelled out of 63 signed up racers I had still only received 29 profiles – this was not helpful to me or the organiser!
I’m sure I would have had moans and groans when people’s names and photos had not featured in the show guide!

To help cover costs we were asking just £10 entry for the event to be paid by Tuesday 21st September by Pay Pal. Riders were sent an e-mail reminder 17th September which stated
“Only when we receive your payment, profile and photo will your entry be confirmed. “
The mail addresses left on the NCDSA sign up were used to communicate with riders.
(To those of you out there who make up e-mail addresses on sign-up’s, you are not helping organisers either – how will you get racer specific info on races?)
Once payment was received from the rider, which we would take as confirmation that they would be racing, I would add their name to the accreditation application list which I was to have sent to the event manager by 25th September. Because of the size of the event and the number of different sports represented various passes would required by competitors granting access to special “competitor only” areas, bars and chill out zones etc. hence the accreditation list.
We have learnt from past experience just because someone has signed up it doesn’t mean they will turn up. As Sam stated above we have put on World Class races at Hog Hill, paid for the track hire and insurance, everything. We had a good number of skaters registered and then half of the field doesn’t show up, this cost us money we can ill afford!
By yesterday morning we had received just 15 payments, and mails from 3 people asking to pay at the event as they did not have Pay Pal. Just 18 out of 63! If you intend to race you need to pay on time.
Incidently all those that paid were refunded by Pay Pal yesterday.

I was working from home and was on a teleconference when I received the e-mail at 11.25am informing me that X in the City had been postponed, I almost went into shock!
I made several urgent phone calls to confirm what I had been told before mailing all those that had entered the race via their sign up mail addresses at 12.08pm.
Unfortunately as Janis said I had previously had an e-mail exchange with him earlier in the morning confirming that he would be coming to the race, at that time the last thing I would have dreamt about was that the event would be postponed. In fact the next thing I was going to be doing for the race was send out a reminder for riders to pay then go and look at buying the trophies!

I do not share others scepticism in that there maybe more to this than meets the eye but we'll just have to wait and see won't we?

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:24 pm
by Pat Chewning
Anyone who followed directions, paid the money early, booked airfair, sent in all the forms -- Just got Burned!

Anyone who postponed to the last second, held on to their money, and made no advance plans -- Is in the Clear!

Good luck trying to get racers to do this twice after being burned once. I'm actually a bit surprised you would even think about admonishing the racers to get signed up early right on the heels of your event burning so many of them.

(Yes, I understand that it was not your action that caused this, and you are a vicitim as much as the racers -- but really, it takes some big brass ones to admonish racers to pay early and adhere to the promoter's "strict timetable" right after postponing an event by several months. )

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:01 pm
by Rob Ashby
Far be it from me to admonish anyone Pat, especially anybody signed up to an event I am organising. At the start of my post I said that I wanted to point out a few things that needed to be improved on next time around.
For an event of this magnitude I was working to a timetable and thought that anyone that had signed up should know what went on behind the scenes and why certain things were needed.

Anyone that knows me would know that I am not “having a go” at anyone I am just pointing things out as they were/are.

Currently we are looking into alternative arrangements for an replacement event over the same weekend.

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:23 am
by Paul Price
I have just arrived back in Utah, getting ready for the winter snowboard season, and I am one of the skaters who got 'burned'.

I am flying back to London just for the weekend - just for this event. 4867 miles each way.
Am I disappointed the event is not happening? Well yes.

Will I cancel my trip? Hell no!!!

We will still have some slalom races, be it Wasteland, Crystal Palace or even Hyde Park. and we will go to the pub and enjoy some good ales and good company.

I know how much work Rob put into this - and Mike went to the site for a race inspection. Nobody saw this coming. I would like to know more about why it was postponed though.
I know people from other sports coming from the US for this, like Naomi the inline skater.

This was never going to be a great 'race' event. I mean, indoors, flat and limited cones.
No prize money. What it was about was showing the sport of slalom skateboarding to a new audience, and teaching newbies how to slalom. A good social event, and a chance for Euro skaters to visit London.

If you have bought a ticket already don't be too upset - come to London anyway and we will have a race and sink a few beers.


Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:02 pm
by Michael Stride
Pat. I do believe you are talking out of your arse.

Suggesting there is any more to the cancellation than the X in City Organisers have said is purely conjecture on your part, from someone 6000 miles away who hasnt personally met the head-honcho of 'X'.

I for one, do not question their commitment to creating a great event.

I do not believe your comments about not being able to attract competitors in April will be affected by this sequence of events, but I do believe your cynicism will do harm. Thanks.

Put in to perspective Pat you need to see exactly how many racers did buy air tickets and at what cost. Only then do you have any idea of the scale of the problem that can then hopefully be resolved.

I personnally have travelled 6000 miles to a race to be screwed by a wrong time recorded that despite me leaving the gate AFTER a racer and finishing BEFORE the other racer was told I had lost......

Shit happens. What I do know is that everyone here hopes that the few people who have lost out will feel they have not pissed their money up a wall.....

Pat, The UK has been striving to offer great races for little money, rather than the $100 a pop races that seem the norm now.....give us some credit for that.

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:33 pm
by Petr Janousek
You come to ride in Brno Oct 9-10! The contest will be great in the lobby of the nice surface - you can use wheels with a hardness of 89A. This contest will not be canceled certainly. The contest is held in the exhibition name "Sport-life" and thus ensuring a large audience spectators. In addition to Czech riders are sign up riders from Sweden, Germany and Latvia. We would like to invite other riders from Germany, Holland, Switzerland ... We understand them that in Spain, France or England is far far away, but maybe someone decides to come...
Donald, would you come with your riders? I'd like to finally meet with you and we can talk about ISSA and future of skateboarding ...

Sign up is here: ... TVlaUlE6MA

Registered riders: ... utput=html

Info: ... php?t=7548

Čenda Bacík CZE Junior Man
Matěj Bartoš CZE Junior Man
Vítek Hromádko CZE Junior Man
Jakub Knettig CZE Junior Man
Jaroslav Knettig CZE Junior Man
Petr Matouš CZE Junior Man
Jan Šmerek CZE Junior Man
Max Thiele GER Junior Man
Roman Totušek CZE Junior Man
Johana Kotková PAK Junior Woman
Miroslav Bartoš CZE Man
Alexander Brill CZE Man
Dalibor Daňhel CZE Man
Tomáš Fiala CZE Man
Mika Hadestrand SWE Man
Viking Hadestrand SWE Man
Pavel Holec CZE Man
Petr Janoušek CZE Man
Petr Klein CZE Man
Vojťas Koťas PAK Man
Martin Kulhavý CZE Man
Janis Kuzmins LAT Man
Zdeněk Mach CZE Man
Petr Novotný CZE Man
Standa Nožka CZE Man
Peter Pletanek GER Man
Tomáš Potůček CZE Man
Honza Shit CZE Man
Thiele Simon GER Man
Ivo Škrabal CZE Man
Jaroslav Šmerek CZE Man
Robert Thiele GER Man
Martin Tuma CZE Man
Jiří Bruno Wiche CZE Man
František Zíka CZE Man
Nikola Dóžová CZE Woman
Eva Jedličková CZE Woman
Renata Škrabalová CZE Woman
Anna Vacková CZE Woman
Eva Wicheová CZE Woman