2011 National Coordinators

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2011 National Coordinators

Post by Ricardo Damborenea » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:05 am

Dear riders,

As you know, the EU Marshals believe that we should bring decision making and slalom governance closer to riders and organizers. In that sense, we have created the National Coordinator role.The National Coordinator (NC) will act, on one side, as the link of the EU Marshals with each nation’s local scenes. They will support EU Marshals and organizers and riders in their applications, results communications and post-race evaluations. They will also have delegated powers to decide on certain status sanctioning, namely old basic & prime (now regional). On the other side, we want the National Coordinator to become an “ambassador” of slalom in general and ISSA in particular, supporting riders in their associative efforts and “grass root” activities, and organizers in setting up numerous and attractive races.

We already have NC for most of the countries were at least an ISSA sanctioned race was held in 2010. This is a strong group of active skaters and organizers. We want to thank them a lot for accepting this position and putting their free time to the service of slalom. They will be the key contact for local racers and organizers.

They are:

- Donald Campbell, Germany
- Franco di Giorgio, Italy
- Guillaume St-Criq, France
- Radim Hromadko, Czech Republic
- Gustavs Gailitis, Latvia
- Rob Ashby, UK
- Flavio Badenes, Netherlands
- Ricardo Damborenea, Spain

We are still on the outlook for NC in Sweden (with support from R Gaisek in recruiting) and in Switzerland. We will be glad if any local rider will volunteer for the job. If so, please PM one of the EU marshals.

Thanks to all
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