Planning for 2011 season: your input required!

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Planning for 2011 season: your input required!

Post by Ricardo Damborenea » Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:18 pm

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Dear racers

We should start to plan for 2011, so we would need from you an outlook of what races are in the pipeline in your country for 2011. Please post below, PM and/or email your National Coordinator or your EU Marshalls. At this stage just some basic info is needed (even if its just "potential") for us to start building the plan. Something like this would be enough:
-Likely sanctioning status seeked
-Likely dates
-Organizer and details
-Probability of happening

We don’t need yet the actual application request (but great if you could keep them coming), but just information to get an overall but detailed picture of what is likely to happen when.

We would need this before mid January 2011 if possible and we’ll consolidate the information and feed back to you if some trade-offs should be needed (ex: conflicting dates).

For your planning purposes please find attached:

1.Sanctioning levels & criteria (initially reverting to 2009, please note that the new BOD could decide on changes on this, but use it as a reference)

Check in / rules / definitions / World Ranking Competitions Statuses

2. Sanctioning request form (please feel free to suggest race organizers to fill this out if races 100% committed) ... y=CIqUpJQL

3. National Coordinator details ... php?t=7678

Thanks and regards
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