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[2012]Hog Hill 'Open Season' 19/20 May - Slalom & Freeride

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:11 pm
by Sam Gordon
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Re: Hog Hill 'Open Season' 19/20th May 2012 - Slalom & Freer

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:38 pm
by Sam Gordon
One of the favourite skate locations of Europe, Hog Hill has marked its name on the race calendar with its fine hills and better cafe. Come along and race against some of the best in the world, or simply cruise the hills at your own speed.

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Slalom racing (Hybrid & GS), Downhill Freeriding as well as Racing & a Mini Moto race as usual, which is sure to claim someone's ankle for the whole season!

Re: Hog Hill 'Open Season' 19/20th May 2012 - Slalom & Freer

Posted: Tue May 22, 2012 1:29 am
by Rob Ashby

Hog Hill Open Season, 19/20 May 2012 Results

To speed up proceedings in case of bad weather and allow the possibility of more races for the lower bracket we made the cut for the A Group the Top 8 in qualifying and cut for the B Group would be 24 instead of the usual 16.

Hybrid “A Group”

1st Bruno Silva De Oliveira
2nd Louis Selby
3rd Paul Price
4th Mmedo Duffort
5th Sam Gordon
6th Jack Corpes
7th Harry Phelps
8th Chris Chralambous

Hybrid “B Group”
1st Paul Taylor Crush
2nd Sam Slaven
3rd Ben Williams
4th Tony Lord
5th Rob Ashby
6th Paul Coupe
7th Ian Sutherland Cranfield
8th Terry St George
9th Andy Makeham
10th Liam Fourie
11th Jason Martin
12th Tim Neal
13th Andy Turner
14th Tiago Fahna
15th Akasha John Jethwa
16th Theresa Fritzen
17th Dominic Barette
18th Miles Murphy
19th Mark Phelps
20th Gavin Palfrey
21st Richard Searle
22nd Michelle Auer
23rd Rob G.
24th Dave Martin

Giant Slalom

1st Louis Selby 22.29
2nd Paul Price 22.51
3rd Bruno Silva de Oliveira 22.81
4th Sam Gordon 23.00
5th Mmedo Duffort 23.49
6th Harry Phelps 24.74
7th Rob Ashby 24.82
8th Paul Coupe 24.98
9th Sam Slaven 25.11
10th Ben Williams 25.53
11th Jason Martin 25.72
12th Liam Foure 25.74
13th Paul Taylor Crush 25.88
14th Lance Martins 25.92
15th Tim Neal 26.43
16th Mark Phelps 27.42
17th Tiago Fahna 27.43
18th Terry St George 27.61
19th Richard Searle 29.09
20th Miles Murphy 29.24
21st Andy Turner 30.62
22nd Gavin Palfrey 30.84
23rd Mike Fish 30.94
24th Dom Barette 34.17
25th Ian Sutherland Cranfield DQ (Great raw time of 24.11 but hit 6 cones!)