[2018] Grenoble Slalom Contest, June 9-10 [Cancelled]

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[2018] Grenoble Slalom Contest, June 9-10 [Cancelled]

Post by Vincent Tanguy » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:45 pm


Hello friends,

please let me introduce the brand-new setup of Grenoble Slalom race.

Name, phone, email of contest organizer:
Philippe Galindo

Dates of Contest: June 9th – 10th 2018
Title of Contest: Grenoble Slalom Contest
Location of Contest: Grenoble, France

Number and type of events at this contest (hybrid, tight, etc): Tight, Hybrid, Giant

Sanction status desired : Main Status
Classes of competitors: (Open, Jr, Women, etc) : Open Class
# Of runs per competitor, qualification method, bracketing method: 2 quals + H2H for tight and hybrid.
2 or 3 runs for GS

Permits, insurance, arrangements for road closures, etc:
Permits for road closure are already under way. Advanced discussions with town authorities in process.

Prizes and value of prizes to be awarded:
Prize money tbd + gear.

Venue description (surface, pitch, length, cone distance, etc) :
Tight + Hybrid spot : Flat surface, very good asphalt. Address : Cour de la Libération – Grenoble.
We should be able to have one road lane + the parking lane on the side, making it possible to run two large lanes for hybrid.

Giant spot : around 4% pitch average – 8% max, good surface, 2-way road, long enough to have a 25 to 30-sec long Giant course. Address : Rue de la Résistance – Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux.

Venue attractions (local attractions for non-skaters):
The contest will take place during the “Fête des Tuiles”, Grenoble big city celebrations. The slalom contest will be part of it, the whole “Cour de la Libération” road will be closed to traffic and will showcase a lot of different attractions including local music bands, other sports’ exhibitions.

Please see last year official video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta9ZE3SpAhA
Media Coverage: Will be advertised in various specialized websites.

Competitor amenities (lodging, meals, gifts, etc):

Race Equipment (timing system, displays, safety gear, etc.) :
There will hopefully be 2 standard timing systems with regular switchtape.

Starting Ramps description (height, width, s-shaped or straight, material):
Same ramps as on previous Désaxé contests, around 160 cm high.

Race Personnel (experience, training, etc) Please include Contest Organizer and contact info:
There will be enough volunteers to handle the whole contest. Some French racers will be available to train the volunteers to cone marshalling and time keeping.

Spectators (expected number, other attractions for spectators, provision for, etc.)
Several thousands people are expected all over the weekend.

ISSA rules apply.

Contest Description:
After several years organizing a multi-discipline riding sports festival (Désaxé WorldRide) and after a one year break, the event organizer is willing to renew the experience in a new format. No more sports-only festival, this time the slalom skateboarding contest is being part of a big city celebration. As it was the case in Madrid 2017 event, there will be a lot of exhibitions in the main street of Grenoble (Cour de la Libération) surrounding the slalom contest location.

Race Event #1 description:
Saturday June 9th : Tight and Hybrid slaloms.
Cour de la Libération, Grenoble

We’re planning to start early, as we need to do both hybrid and tight races in one day. The spot will be flat, with a good surface, we will probably have a road lane + the counter-alley as showcased below. The surface is the same on both lanes.

Race format : TBC – we plan to allow two qualification runs to each rider before splitting between categories for H2H (men, women, juniors, masters) depending on the number of riders. We may also split the whole batch of riders into A, B and C categories (8 riders in each, run in open division for all).

Race Event #2 description :
Sunday June 10th (could be moved to Friday 8th): Giant Slalom
Rue de la Résistance, Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux

The expected schedule is from 10:00 to 14:00 (10am to 2pm).
Around 4% pitch average – 8% max, good surface, 2-way road, long enough to have a 25 to 30-sec long Giant course. 2 or 3 runs each time-depending, best run counts, Open category. The spot is beautifully located in the center of Saint-Martin le Vinoux, surrounding Grenoble.

We hope to see you over there.

We're still waiting on the race status confirmation.

No turn, no fun.

Vincent Tanguy
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Re: [2018] Grenoble Slalom Contest, June 9-10 [Main candidat

Post by Vincent Tanguy » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:10 am

Contest cancelled ! No final authorization from the city hall. Sorry for that.
No turn, no fun.