La Costa Open Update...

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Kevin Dunne
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La Costa Open Update...

Post by Kevin Dunne » Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:18 pm

La Costa Open Update:

The La Costa Open will be held at the legendary Pump Station, in the Poway area of San Diego. It will be a two day race: Single lane Giant Slalom on Saturday and Dual Lane Tight Slalom on Sunday.
After months of preparation the City of Carlsbad has decided not grant us a permit for El Fuerte Street. For those of you who have not skated Pump Station, it is a great hill, with a great surface and a somewhat isolated location. Even though this will be an outlaw race, there is very little chance of any problem. We have held many races and clinics on this hill and never had a problem with cancellation or closure. Since there are few expenses involved in holding a race at Pump Station, the entry fee has been reduced to $50 and nearly all of that will go to the prize purse. We also expect to have a good amount of product/prizes for the schwag pile! We are well aware that, because it is an outlaw race, we will probably no longer be able to have Main event status, but we still expect to have a good number of racers and a high level of competition.
Your $50 entry fee can be sent via paypal to: Send T-shirt size with entry! Email us with any questions: You can also call Kevin at 760 277 8570 for additional info.

Racer Special:
Marriott Springhill Suites
Phone: 858-635-5723
$109 per night
2 double beds and a pull-out couch
Free breakfast
Located at the top of the hill
Mention the La Costa Open Skateboard Race.

Surfer Special:
Best Western Stratford Inn
Phone: 888-478-7829 (888-GR8-STAY)
$79.95 per night
2 double beds or one queen,
$99.95 for a suite: king bed, sleeper sofa and kitchenette
Located a block from the beach in Del Mar. 15 minute drive to the Pumpstation.
Mention the La Costa Open Skateboard Race.

Skater Special:
Best Western Country Inn, Poway
~$109 per night, no guaranteed rate
Located 6 blocks from the Poway Skatepark. Park is open until 9 or 10 pm, and is free. Helmets required.
Hotel is 10 minutes from the Pumpstation
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Wesley Tucker
1961-2013 (RIP)
1961-2013 (RIP)
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Post by Wesley Tucker » Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:56 pm


You know I'm not coming, but I wanted to pass this along. Last year I did not stay in Leucadia or Encinitas because I got such a great deal at a Homestead Suites Motel on Mira Mesa Boulevard. It was on the other end of Mira Mesa closer to 805, but still only like three miles down to 15. Then it was an exit or two up to Poway. It was just four or five miles from Pump Station, so I'd definetely recommend it.

No pool or weight room, but a great room, easy to get to and out of and most of all CHEAP. I think Priceline got me in there for like $55 a night. I do remember, though, I did a Priceline "vacation package" for a flight, car and room, so I can only guess what the room cost.

The info is:

Homestead San Diego-Sorrento
9880 Pacific Heights Boulevard
San Diego, California 92121

The address is Pacific Heights Boulevard, but it was located at the corner with Mira Mesa. Just turn the corner and turn in to the motel entrance. There's a sign and one side of the place on Mira Mesa. Like I said, it wasn't the most convenient place for the Saxony Road race and I had about a 10 mile commute each day but it was great for Poway.

Eddy Martinez
Texas Outlaw
Texas Outlaw
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Post by Eddy Martinez » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:35 am

Thanks WT allways appreciate a bargain, too hard to pass up, so what is up with the fish tacos in Cali bros. Looking forward to a great time. It will be awesome to be on Cali soil again. So far their are 6 of us Texas Outlaws heading out to La Costa. I can't believe I have to go all the way to Cali to give Chris Miller his Texas Outlaw Team shirt. I think I will dig this contest the most bros. Your Amigo Eddy Texas Outlaws/Pavel Flow allways Enjoy The Ride.

Steve Collins
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Harbor Skateboard Racing
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Post by Steve Collins » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:55 am

Kevin, Thanks for the update and for you all putting the La Costa race on. I'm totally stoked that it's going to be at Pump Station. I love that place. I've always want to see a dual tight there too. Can't wait. Woo hoo!

Pat Chewning
Pat C.
Pat C.
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ISSA Status for La Costa (San Diego) Open

Post by Pat Chewning » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:32 am

The ISSA North American contest coordinators reluctantly anounce that the San Diego Open (aka La Costa Open) contest (October 19th) will be downgraded from MAIN status to PRIME status. This is due to the rejection of the permit to run the contest on El Fuerte street and the move to the Pump Station street without a permit.

Due to the loss of the MAIN status (San Diego Open), the ISSA contest coordinators are seeking a contest coordinator to submit an application for the remaining MAIN contest status for the 2007 season. This could include either a new contest, or submittal of a current contest to attain the MAIN status

-- Pat Chewning
-- Chris Barker
-- Eddy Martinez

Rick Floyd
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Pink Floyd Skates
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Post by Rick Floyd » Fri Sep 07, 2007 7:33 pm


Dixie Cup?
"All the money in the world can not buy sharing the excitement of life with other people. Nothing else matters."

- Jason Mitchell (Criddlezine Interview)

Kevin Dunne
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Calling All Racers!

Post by Kevin Dunne » Thu Oct 04, 2007 5:41 am

Racers- A few of you have not paid your entry fee is the time! Paypal your $50 to or drop me an email at or call me at 760 277 8570 and let me know if you are still planning to attend the La Costa Open this year and would like to make other arrangements to pay your entry fee. Entry fees need to be paid so I can order shirts as I'd rather not get stuck with a bunch of extras. Also, I need to know your shirt size...
If I don't hear from you by Friday, I'll assume that you have decided not to attend...You can still enter and race, but you might not get a shirt...

Kevin Dunne
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It's almost time...

Post by Kevin Dunne » Wed Oct 10, 2007 5:22 am

Everything is coming together and it looks like it's going to be a great race. Maysey, Bomber, Racer-X, Chicken, Chaput, Kosick, Hollien, Pappas, Attila, Miller...all looking to make some fast cash. Lots of prizes for the B racers too. Can Kramer hold off Trish, Cat and Judi on her home turf? I heard Johnny Miller's kids are planning a sweep. There is still time to register and get in on the action...right up until race day. Pump Station is one of the finest race venues in Southern California...come on out and have some fun!

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