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Andy MacDonald is a renowned skateboarder who has won the worlds championship title seven times. The Guinness world records have it that Andy made the longest skateboarder jump that was 56 feet 10.75 inches long.

Six Scouts from Troop 362 in El Cajon, California, once spent a whole Sunday afternoon at a humongous skateboard playground designed by Andy, known as the Misslen Valley YMCA Shatepark, learning skating tricks and safe skateboarding practice from Mac Andy. see more: best skateboard for beginners at


MacDonald began by appreciating the scouts for being in their safety gear. He said that a helmet was the most important protective wear. "I have had some experiences hitting my head over the past 17 years," he said with an unexpressed sigh of relief. He went on to say that if it were not for the helmet he would have probably passed out.

The helmet should protect your head when you fall back and smack the back of your head. Andy attests to be a witness of knocked out skaters who had no helmet on and expresses how severe it was. The helmet should fit tightly and should never come off when you wipe out. It ought to cover



The scouts surrounded the trainer on their skateboards who then inquired if there was anyone in the group who needed to know how to drop in. There were two beginners in their midst who found it worth to take that golden opportunity to learn how to drop in on a skateboard ramp. That was Armando Duncan and Brice Suhay both of who belonged to the second class scouts.

Andy was glad to teach this two independently with patience till they were both well versed with the trick. The rest could hear him say "don't worry I won't let you go" as he coached Brice. “Now slam it down and stand with your knees bent". "Nice job! “He hollered as he watched Brice roll smoothly down the ramp."

The scouts did a few practices runs with Andy after which they had to do it on their own. In no time they were all on the run and down the ramp they went. Unfortunately, Armando lost his balance along the way but much thanks to their coach who had taught them the dive, tuck and roll technique. So off he went and skidded his way to the base of the ramp.

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"Tell me what you did wrong, Armando," Andy said to Duncan.

Armando was caught off guard and wasn't sure of his mistake. " up" he replied hesitantly.

"Yep!" Andy exclaimed. “You were standing up stick straight."

MacDonald helped him fix his form by doing a few trials in his belt. It did not take long before Dun found himself running smoothly down the ramp with ease.

MacDonald then posed another question "who knows what an Ollie is?” Cla!...Cla!... Cla!... This sound was instantly heard from among them as John Harriman, a second class scout and some of the older scouts popped their skateboards up and down all in a perfect Ollie form. Andy was excited about this as he watched them do it repeatedly in harmony. He went on to explain to them that the Ollie is named after the guy who invented the trick in the 1070s called Alan Ollie' Gelfand. He said it the most basic trick that a skater should learn because it forms the foundation for all the other skateboarding tricks. As he said this he jumped over a big blue trash can on his board and everyone cheered as he flew through the air. Then all of a sudden they all got themselves in action popping their boards in the air and doing different tricks. To Armando, it was one of his best moments; he had never performed such perfect Ollies before on his own.

MacDonald got into demonstrating more tough tricks one of which was a rail slide. He threw his board in the air and landed on a long metal rail and slide smoothly thereon. In Awe, the scouts marveled at Andy's skill. He spent more time with them till they were all able to ride and do perfect different skateboarding tricks.

With McDonald's training tips you should give it a try too.

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