Replacing kingpin with a stock grade 8?

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Replacing kingpin with a stock grade 8?

Postby jeff bonny » Wed Oct 04, 2006 2:15 pm

I haven't broken one on a Rad but I have broken kingpins on other trucks and it's been quite unpleasant and I'm not in a big rush to repeat it. Never had a break with a grade 8 replacement on Indys, Splits etc though. What would be the problems with replacing the stock Rad kingpin with a grade 8 bolt? The tops aren't threaded for a nut but choosing the right length and fine tuning with washers maybe...? I've played with it a little and it can work but it's kinda klunky looking on an otherwise beautiful truck. Cutting the head off and turning threads to the top of the bolt on a lathe? If you were going to a machine shop it'd probably be worthwhile to do a few........hmmmm.
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