Douarnenez Slalom Tour, Brittany, FRANCE - 2012, July 8th

Slalom Skateboarding in France

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Douarnenez Slalom Tour, Brittany, FRANCE - 2012, July 8th

Post by Guillaume Saint-Criq » Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:56 am

Here is an extra event from Island Slalom Tour organizers.
But it will not be on an island this time, and it will be part of the French Slalom Cup 2012.
We want to organize a contest open to almost everybody. We want the street skateboarders and longboarders to join the slalom skateboarders in a fun contest. That’s why we chose to run a slalomcross in order to please the longboard racers. But expect also a curvy and smooth giant slalom that slalomers will enjoy.

The Island Slalom Tour crew organizes contests since 2006. Some great racers such as Vincent Berruchon and Petr Novotny were really satisfied to take part in our contests. We are co-organizing the event with a local skating association, who already organized several street skating contests. We will be supplying them with our knowledge about slalom skateboarding.

As the spot is located in the heart of the city, we can expect a fair number of spectators during the summer holidays.
Charles Thubert charlytutu[AT]yahoo[DOT]fr
Vincent Tanguy Vincent[AT]sports-extremes[DOT]net

Dates & title of Contest: 2012, July 8th Douarnenez Slalom Tour

Location of Contest: Douarnenez, Brittany, FRANCE

Number and type of events at this contest (hybrid, tight, etc): Giant slalom, slalomcross

Sanction status: Basic

Classes of competitors: Open

# Of runs per competitor, qualification method, bracketing method:
Giant: Two or three runs each, best run counts.
Slalomcross : Quals determined by giant times, then one on one.

Permits, insurance, arrangements for road closures, etc:
Permit already obtained from the city
Insurance with the French Federation : MMA

Prizes and value of prizes to be awarded: Not decided yet. Probably some gifts from local partners.

Venue description (surface, pitch, length, cone distance, etc):
About 200m long, one right turn just after the start, then a left hairpin, and about 100m straight line until the finish line. Curvy and relatively fast giant.

Venue attractions (local attractions for non-skaters):
Douarnenez is a charming small town (15 000 inhabitants), with a boat museum, it’s definitely worth a round. Some very good surf spots are nearby the city.

Media Coverage:
Internet coverage. One of the organizer owns the website, the other one writes for and .

Competitor amenities (lodging, meals, gifts, etc):
Water on site. The local association will be selling some refreshments. Expect a very low entry fee.

Expected Schedule on July 8th :
10am – 1pm : Giant slalom
2pm – 5pm : Slalomcross

The hairpin in the middle of the spot.

angelica lee
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Re: Douarnenez Slalom Tour, Brittany, FRANCE - 2012, July 8t

Post by angelica lee » Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:07 am

I just heard about this event, and it looks awesome. That hairpin turn looks crazy! Looking forward to seeing photos from the event! I will be in Las Vegas this summer, and I am wondering if there anre any similar Vegas Shows like this one, and if so, are any of them at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay, because that is where I am planning on staying. :)
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Vincent Tanguy
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Re: Douarnenez Slalom Tour, Brittany, FRANCE - 2012, July 8t

Post by Vincent Tanguy » Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:54 pm

Indeed, it was awesome ! Sun, perfect spot, good racers, and nice pics !
No turn, no fun.

Guillaume Saint-Criq
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Re: Douarnenez Slalom Tour, Brittany, FRANCE - 2012, July 8t

Post by Guillaume Saint-Criq » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:25 am

Résultats Slalom Géant

place prénom nom best
1 Vincent Tanguy 22.15
2 Emmanuel Munier 23.73
3 Christophe Gatignon 24.76
4 Ismael Le Runigo 24.8
5 Romain Tropee 24.91
6 Sébastien Fichet 25.08
7 Matthieu Kermarec 25.29
8 Germain Loutz 26.02
9 Thomas Helias 26.43
10 Tanguy Le Mouel 26.75
11 Alexandre Bodin 38.61
12 Thibaul Meline 42.04
13 Charles Thubert 42.97

Résultats Slalom Special

place prénom nom best
1 Vincent Tanguy 9.21
2 Emmanuel Munier 9.6
3 Ismael Le Runigo 10.2
4 Matthieu Kermarec 10.44
5 Sébastien Fichet 10.88
6 Charles Thubert 11.5
7 Romain Tropee 11.66
8 Christophe Gatigon 11.73
9 Arnaud Thomas 11.77
10 Germain Lutz 11.78
11 Tristan Morizur 12.6
12 Alexandre Bodin 12.64
13 Thomas Helias 12.75
14 Thibaul Meline 13.51
15 Tanguy Le Mouel 14.3
16 Uwan Abraham 14.6
17 Maxime Bodigou 23

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