[2014] Hobby Park - North Carolina, Oct 25

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[2014] Hobby Park - North Carolina, Oct 25

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Hobby Park, Winston Salem
North Carolina, USA

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Contact person:
Russel Cantor

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Get your slalom on at Hobby Park Slalom 1.0 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina! October 25, 2014.

This will be a sanctioned International Slalom Skateboarding Association (ISSA) PRIME status race. $30 entry fee.

Hobby Park Slalom 1.0 will be a one day event and feature Tight Slalom (TS) and Giant Slalom (GS),. Giant slalom is single lane and it is looking like TS will be head-to-head! Will confirm this soon. Timer system used is ChronoCone with timer strips. More details on racing format to come. TS will be technical and tough (and TIGHT) and the GS will be fast!.

As mentioned, Hobby Park is a soap-box derby hill, with one side much steeper than the other (pictures and videos of the hill to be posted soon). The steeper side will be used for GS and quickly accelerates to 35 mph+ and barely takes more than 10 seconds from top to bottom before it goes uphill, slowing you down to a nice and easy stop. 15-20 cones. The other side of hill for the TS is much more shallow, it has very slight decline with a little dip at the end with a max speed roughly in the upper teens - 20 mph. About 40 - 50 cones.

There will be entry fee of $30 You can send payments beforehand through paypal to rac4488@yahoo.com PLEASE send as a gift so I don't have to deal with fees :) Payment in cash will also be accepted at the race. Fees will go toward race expenses.

All racers will be in the Open division unless we have 3 or more pros, women, or juniors.

And... there will be prizes, aka swag! More sponsors to come as race day gets closer! Trophies will also be presented to top finishers.

In case of inclement weather, there is a backup garage for use with a slight bust factor. It doesn’t rain much here in October so let’s hope for the best as always.

The city of Winston-Salem has made it clear that no alcohol can be present at this event. Please respect the city and my event by not bringing alcohol into the park. Thanks :)

Help me make this event happen and there will be bigger/better events in the future!

Russel Cantor