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This website is aimed to boost the international scene for the most basic of all skateboard disciplines. Slalom skateboarding.

Welcome to the official World Ranking brought to you by ISSA, the International Slalom Skateboarding Association.

Stacy Peralta in the slalom track back in the days
The slalom discipline takes us back to the very root of skateboarding. So pure and relatively close to it's initial roots compared to the amazing evolution of many other skateboard disciplines. So simple to understand. Even for those outside the world of skateboarding. And still so hard to master.

The evolution of skateboards, wheels and trucks has of course had a great impact of what is possible today compared to in the early days. You now can go faster thru the slalom courses even if the layout is more difficult. The wheels can be softer to increase the grip without loosing speed. The trucks are more forgiving and help you get your force down into the wheels and into the ground. The boards are better to hold up against the G-forces that want to twist your board in every turn and still flexible enough to help you gain and maintain the energy your body creates.

Slalom as discipline has just as skateboarding itself seen its ups and downs through the years. The reasons for this may be many. Slalom stays the same but what's hip comes and goes. Slalom is fun because of the social and family aspect of it. Slalom is easy and everybody in the family can do it. You can start competeing at a very early stage. It has fantastic possibilities of measuring results. You can beat your best friend with one hundreds of a second and no one can argue about it.

Skateboard slalom is a mix of physical fitness, mental strength, equipment and experience. This is why you can be competitive even when you grow older. Many of the better slalomers in the world don’t let age stop them from fighting about world titles. The only problem with age is that falls will get harder and harder to take. But luckily there has been evolution in safety equipment as well over the years.

This web site will give you an overview on the yearly skateboard slalom racing seasons with events, results and of course the latest standings of the World Ranking. It will also become an historical archive of results over the years.

The hope is to create an interest not only for all the active skaters out there but also for their families, friends, media, supporters and hopefully some new skaters who could imagine taking up the challenge with the current slalom skaters in the world.

Welcome to the world of skateboard slalom racing!
Text: Hans Koraeus