Here you will learn how to calculate World Ranking points. Below are explained the calculation rules and the exact formula for calculating a result point.

Base point table for each competition status and discipline class.

First place is a base point x 2. 32:nd place is a base point. DQ is a base point / 2. Example for a Pro class in a Main status event: Base point = 250. First place = 500 (250x2). DQ = 125 (250/2).

Place 1-32 is decided by percentage decrease from first place down to 32:nd.
The formula is Base Point*Percentage*0.01)+Base Point. The result is rounded to a whole number. The Percentage is according to the table below. Place 33 and down are decreased 1 point for each placement. You can never have fewer points than a DQ.
Place Percentage
    1   100
    2    80
    3    68
    4    60
    5    52
    6    46
    7    40
    8    36
    9    32
   10    29
   11    26
   12    23
   13    20
   14    18
   15    16
   16    14
   17    12
   18    11
   19    10
   20     9
   21     8
   22     7
   23     6
   24     5
   25     4
   26     3.5
   27     3
   28     2.5
   29     2
   30     1.5
   31     1
   32     0.5
With this information you should be able to calculate the point for any discipline result if you know the status of the competition, the discipline class and the placement. If you don't like calculating you can also just have a look in one the point tables corresponding to your discipline class. The point tables are listed in the same section as this topic.

Head to head placements
If running head to head then racers ending up on the same placement will be sorted on their qualification results. Normally after a head to head race you will have...

one 1:st place
one 2:nd place
one 3:rd place
one 4:th place
four 5:th places
eight 9:th places
sixteen 17:th places

The organizer may very well keep this as official results but in the view of ranking points equal placements in head to head will be separated by qualifying placements.

This is done to have a point balance against events where there is no head to head. It would not be fair to give more points to the racers because they use the head to head format than if they use a single lane format. This would be the case if places 5-8 all got the point for a fifth place.

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