Smooth Prague Skateslalom Indoor Euros

Prague, P 3 logisitc parks

  • 2017-11-18
  • Type: OPEN
  • Disciplines
  • TS Special
  • TS Straight
  • Special slalom
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OrganizerDan Syrový +420603554071
Event Results / 2017-12-29
Event results have been registered. Winners:
[Special slalom Pro] Anton Nikulin (RUS)
[Special slalom Amateur] Jakub Jirman (CZE)
[Special slalom Woman] Karolina Vojtova (CZE)
[Special slalom Master (45-)] Edzus Konosonoks (LAT)
ISSA Calendar Administration / 2017-10-04
SMOOTH PRAGUE Skateslalom Indoor Euros added to ISSA race calendar