Result lists -
The Crackling 2019

Special (Hybrid)

1Louis Selby /Pro GBR
2Sam Gordon GBR
3Paul Taylor-crush GBR
4Chris Charalambous /Pro GBR
5John Nicholas GBR
6Paul Coupe GBR
7Dill Hill GBR
8Tony Cambell /Pro GBR
9Richard Searle GBR
10Trevor Baker GBR
11Noah Ellison USA
12Trevor Hickey GBR
13Alec Brown GBR
14Mike Fish GBR
15Simon Wells GBR

Giant Slalom

1Louis Selby /Pro GBR
2Sam Gordon GBR
3Paul Coupe GBR
4John Nicholas GBR
5Noah Ellison USA
6Paul Taylor-crush GBR
7Dill Hill GBR
8Alec Brown GBR
9Lance Martins GBR
10Trevor Hickey GBR
11Richard Searle GBR
12Alex Ireton GBR
13Mike Fish GBR

Overall lists

# Name OverallSpecial (H)GS
1Louis Selby GBR40012001200
2Sam Gordon GBR36021802180
3Paul Taylor-crush GBR30031606140
4Paul Coupe GBR30061403160
5John Nicholas GBR29551454150
6Dill Hill GBR27271367136
7Noah Ellison USA269111245145
8Richard Searle GBR253912911124
9Alec Brown GBR252131208132
10Trevor Hickey GBR2481212210126
11Mike Fish GBR2381411813120
12Chris Charalambous GBR1504150
13Tony Cambell GBR1328132
14Lance Martins GBR1299129
15Trevor Baker GBR12610126
16Alex Ireton GBR12212122
17Simon Wells GBR11615116
# Name OverallSpecial (H)GS
1Louis Selby GBR40012001200
2Chris Charalambous GBR1504150
3Tony Cambell GBR1328132
# Name OverallSpecial (H)GS
1Sam Gordon GBR40012001200
2Paul Coupe GBR33041502180
3Paul Taylor-crush GBR32521805145
4John Nicholas GBR32031603160
5Dill Hill GBR28551456140
6Noah Ellison USA28281324150
7Richard Searle GBR266614010126
8Alec Brown GBR262101267136
9Trevor Hickey GBR25891299129
10Mike Fish GBR2461112412122
11Trevor Baker GBR1367136
12Lance Martins GBR1328132
13Alex Ireton GBR12411124
14Simon Wells GBR12212122
# Name OverallSpecial (H)GS
1Sam Gordon GBR40012001200
2John Nicholas GBR34021803160
3Paul Coupe GBR34031602180
4Richard Searle GBR29041506140
5Trevor Hickey GBR29051455145
6Alec Brown GBR29061404150
7Mike Fish GBR27271367136
# Name OverallSpecial (H)GS
1Richard Searle GBR38012002180
2Alec Brown GBR38021801200

The Crackling 2019

Hog Hill, London

  • 2019-05-18 (2 days)
  • Type: OPEN
  • Disciplines
  • Special (Hybrid)
  • Giant Slalom
   : ISSA World Ranking 2003-2020