World Ranking 2012

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Final official ISSA World Ranking 2012 (December)

Photo: Maria Carrasco
ISSA World ranking winners 2012
Congratulations to Joe McLaren (USA) and Lynn Kramer (USA) for the first places in the ISSA World ranking 2012 (4-year ranking).

Special mention for Kathrin Sehl (GER) that tied with Lynn for first place in the Women season ranking 2012. Photo Monique Söderhäll

Also special congratulation to the other heavy ranking titles 2012.
- AM World Ranking: Georguy Artemov (RUS)
- Masters: Mikael Hadestrand (SWE)
- Women masters: Lisa Scott (USA)
- Juniors: Zaccaria Di Giorgio (ITA)
- Junior girls: Raduska Podlahova (CZE)
- Rookie PRO: Jaroslav Knetting (CZE)
- Rookie AM: Alex Kwiecinski (USA)
- Rookie Women: Olesya Naumchik (RUS)

To see the overview of the top ranking results see the Ranking overview.

Final ranking 2012!
We have now finally come to the complete ranking for 2012.
And the last deadline (Jan 31) for comments and changes have been past.
Next ranking update, and the first one for 2013, is March 31.

Check the event list for current status of all events in the calendar.

Rank website news this month

Now working on...

- Ranking tools for event homepage management.
Being able to use the ranking event home page for organizers with...
Adding registration status (under construction)
Adding links to organizers/external sites/sponsors (under construction)
Adding event sponsor banners (under construction)

Registration part (done).
Creating startlists (done).
Adding articles through the forum (done).
Adding event poster (done).
Showing results (done)
Showing ranking results (done)
Calculate overall results (done)

- Ranking general
Event calendar now have better handling of cancelled events (done)
Adding general ranking sponsor banners (under construction)
Adding pictures "easily" to the ranking database (under construction)
Updating the rules info pages (under construction)
Show latest event results registered (under construction)
Show rank result from year 2006 and before. (under construction)

- Racer home page
Adding overview of best results (under construction)
Adding portrait pic (under construction)
List of all races for a person (under construction)
Text: Hans Koraeus
World Ranking 2012
Rankings | Ranking forum 2012 | Event list

Final ranking version for 2010

Thank's to everybody who has helped out getting the final ranking for 2010 together.
See ranking angels for 2010 below...

The ranking is now for ever saved into the ISSA World Ranking history books.
Next ranking update and first official ranking for 2011 will be published April 1.

Ver 1.8
- Age updates

World Ranking Administrator 2010
Hans Koraeus

Ranking Angel coordinator 2010
Jani Söderhäll
A special word for Jani. If it was not for him starting up the process and getting all
the people together we would most likley have been without a world ranking for 2010.
And that would have been a shame.

Ranking Angels 2010
Petr Janousek
Ricardo Damborenea
Gustavs Gailitis
Guillaume StCriq
Josef Stefka
Rick Floyd
Flavio Badenas
SJ Kalliokoski
Jean Sebastien Dennebouy
Sam Gordon
Charles Thubert
Ramon Königshausen
Ian Cranfield
Miguel Marco
Maria Carrasco
Franco DiGiorgio
Dan Gesmer
Viking Hadestrand
Peter Metzger
More ranking history...

Ver 1.7
- 1 dublicat racer id fix
- Rick Floyd now as PRO
- Age updates

Ver 1.6
- Grenoble women results added
- Dublicat racer id fixes
- Name corrections
- Nationality corrections
- Age updates

Ver 1.5
- Batz event added
- Dublicat racer id fixes
- Name corrections
- Nationality corrections

Ver 1.4
- Fix of Pro-Open bug. May alter Pro and Am rankings

Ver 1.3
- Racer info updates
- Brazilian results
- PigCity results

Ver 1.2
- Di Gorgio erased old wrong data for 2007/2008
- Dublicate racer error Stepanjans/Bojarins
- Dublicate racer error Jeff/Erkevica
- Dublicate racer error Hegerty
- Updating name spellings
- Fixed result error Madrid Super-G

Ver 1.1
- Gustavs Gailitis changed status from Am to Pro for 2010 ranking
- Some old ranking records with 0 points from 2007 erased
- Some name changes (more of this when racer administrator is in work)
- Some code fix for Rookie rankings
- Terry St George double registration fixed
Text: Hans Koraeus
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