Headline archive 2010
These are the headlines of www.SlalomSkateboarder.com as they appeared in 2010.

ISSA Board Members 2011
[December 11, 2010 By Gary Fluitt]

The ISSA board now consists of the following board members:
Jani Söderhäll (FRA)
Jonathan Harms (USA)
Petr Janousek (CZE)
Flavio Badenes (NL)
Ron Barbagallo (USA)
Peter Klang (SWE) [Elected Dec 2009]

Cone Fest 5
Ashland, Kentucky USA, September 17-19, 2010

[September 20, 2010]

Ethan White and Jonathan Harms won the Slalom and Tight Slalom events on Saturday on the first day of the fifth annual Kentucky Cone Fest in Ashland, Kentucky (USA). White edged Harms by just over a tenth of a second in the Slalom, and Harms narrowly defeated Minnesota's Steve Pederson in the Tight Slalom. The courses were short--fastest times were in the 8-second range--but that meant that most races were very close and exciting, often being decided by only a tenth or two. Getting a good start and running clean were critical to getting a good result.

Mark Nix of Statesville, North Carolina did the Downhillbillies proud by by taking firsts in the B group in both the Slalom and Tight Slalom. In the C group, Ben Barkey edged race organizer Lenny Poage for first in the Slalom, and Washington, D.C.'s Earl Cephas rode his "Sasquatch" wide-body board to victory over Indiana's Peter Metzger. Several first-time racers also gave it a shot, and one of them, Kyle Smith, made it all the way to double fourth-place finishes in the B group. And one of the biggest surprises of the day was the unexpected reappearance of Mr. Stoke himself, Bobby Thomas, just seven months after a radical and invasive knee surgery. Bobby not only skated, but raced his way to a podium finish in the B group Tight Slalom. Welcome back, Bobby T!

Because the Cone Fest is held in conjunction with a local festival called Poage Landing Days (the original name of Ashland was Poage Landing), hundreds of spectators stopped by to watch the racing at various points during the day. After qualifying, the 33 racers were divided into A, B and C groups, and each group was run down to the round of 4 before moving on to the next group. This allowed racers to race both heats without having to wait 45 minutes or more between runs, and then saved the fastest racing in each round for last. Spectators got to see bang-bang racing, one heat after another, with good announcing to explain what was going on--a big help for showing them how fun and exciting slalom skateboarding can be. Kudos to Lenny, Jenny, Stephanie, Marla and all the other race staff and volunteers for helping things to run so well.

That's it for now from Kentucky. Stay tuned for an update on tomorrow's single-lane Giant Slalom when results become available. And remember that there's exciting racing going on in Antrim, New Hampshire this weekend as well. Good luck to all!

A Group Overall:
1. Jonathon Harms
2. Steve Pederson
3. Brian Parsons
4. Paul Graf
5. Ethan White
6. Jason Yerke
7. Derek Yerke
8. Dave Harris

B Group Overall:
1. Mark Nix
2. Kyle Smith
3. Neil Orta
4. Jeremy Coffman
5. Evan Tolley
6. Chad Hegerty
7. Bobby Thomas
8. Dennis Blevins

C Group Overall:
1. Phil Rouse
2. Earl Cephas
3. Mike Atkinson
4. Peter Metzger
5. Lenny Poage
6. Rob Degenhart
7. Dave Tolley
8. Marshall Presnel

European Championships 2010
Richterswil, Switzerland, June 4-6, 2010

[June 12 2010]

European Champions 2010, OPEN:
Tight slalom: Ramon Königshausen, SUI
Hybrid slalom: Ramon Königshausen, SUI
Giant slalom: Dominik Kowalski, GER

European Champions 2010, WOMEN:
Tight slalom: Katrin Sehl, GER
Hybrid slalom: Katrin Sehl, GER
Giant slalom: Katrin Sehl, GER

European Champions 2010, JUNIORS:
Tight slalom: Manuel Carusone, SUI
Hybrid slalom: Marc Steinemann, SUI
Giant slalom: Manuel Carusone, SUI

ISSA Announces Sanction For 2010 Slalom Skateboarding World Championships

[March 4, 2010]

Your ISSA Board of Directors has been busy deliberating a number of important matters. Not just event sanctioning for the 2010 season, but also an overhaul of the sanctioning structure and the ranking system.
Since the beginning of the new term, we've spent many hours in conference calls – not an easy thing for seven guys living in several different times zones. Thanks to everyone for being patient with us while we've considered everything as carefully as possible.

First, after careful review and discussion of all applications, the Board of Directors has voted to award the 2010 ISSA World Championship sanction to the “700 Cones World Ride,” July 30 – August 1 in Hradec Kralove, The Czech Republic.

Second, we've decided to revise the old sanctioning structure (Major, Main, Prime, and Basic categories) as follows:

Level 1: World Cup, including the annual World Championship
Level 2: Continental Championship (e.g., North American Championship)
Level 3: National Championship (e.g., French Championship)
Level 4: Regional Championship
We believe this category system offers greater intuitiveness and marketability for all concerned: racers, organizers, spectators, sponsors and media.
Each year, the number of ISSA sanctions awarded will be:
• World Championship: One.
• World Cup (WC): Two per Continent (including the World Championship).
• Continental (CO): One per Continent.
• National (NA): Four per Continent.
• Regional (RG): Unlimited.
The number of World Cups per year will increase as the sport grows. At the discretion of the ISSA Status Marshals, World Cup status may be awarded on a Discipline-specific basis. In other words, at a particular event, one or more Disciplines may be sanctioned at the World Cup level, with the other Disciplines at the Regional level.

Third, we've decided to revise the list of Slalom Disciplines that we officially recognize and sanction, as follows:

a. Tight Slalom (includes Straight Parallel Slalom)
b. Slalom (formerly referred to as “Hybrid” or “Special” Slalom)
c. Giant Slalom
d. Super G
e. BoarderX
We do not expect or require that Super G and BoarderX will be staged at every event, but we hope to sanction at least two of them per year at the World Cup level. Clear definitions and guidelines for these two Disciplines coming soon.

Fourth, we've decided to revise the list of Competitor Classes that we officially recognize, sanction, and rank in each Discipline, as follows:

a. Open (includes both “Pro” and “Amateur”)
b. Women
c. Juniors (age 17 as of Jan. 1 of the current year, and under)
d. Masters (age 45 as of Jan. 1 of the current year, and over)

Fifth, and finally, we've decided to revise the ISSA World Ranking system as follows:

a. Starting this season, only a competitor's four highest point-scoring finishes in each year will be used to determine his/her annual World Rank. A multi-year World Ranking may also be maintained.
b. Racers who compete in fewer than four events per year will no longer receive “make-up” points based on their averages at the event(s) they attended.
c. Points earned will be based strictly on final placement, with no special concession for DQs.
d. The specific number of points awarded for each placement will be revised in a manner not yet determined. The figures will be the same for all Racer Classes.

Gary Fluitt, ISSA President
Daniel Gesmer, ISSA Vice President
Jonathan Harms, ISSA Treasurer
Wesley Tucker, ISSA, Secretary
Joe Iacovelli, ISSA Board member
Peter Klang. ISSA Board member
Joe McLaren,ISSA Board member

International Slalom Skateboarding Association
2010 Membership Update
[February 1, 2010]
The new ISSA Board of Directors has been hard at work since the December election, figuring out how we can improve slalom – for both racers and race organizers. You may have heard about some changes. We'd like to spell those out here and let you know what's up for 2010.

New focus

In recent years the ISSA was focused on providing structure: rules, rankings and sanctions. A necessary foundation for sure, but now we want to focus on benefits – benefits for the racer and the race organizer. The ISSA has gone as far as it can go as just a loosely organized website/social network with a rule book and endless discussions. It's time for the ISSA to do something more.


Racers and organizers have asked the ISSA for numerous benefits and improvements via posts on the slalomskateboarder.com forum and in personal conversations and e-mails. We are committed to providing as many of these benefits as we can. However, providing these benefits will cost money. We intend to pursue funding from sponsors, but it will not provide all the money we need.

So in 2010, we will begin charging an annual fee for ISSA membership. Racers in Main and Major ISSA-sanctioned events in 2010 will be required to join the ISSA and pay this fee. The fee will be $25 USD (€20) if you pre-pay before going to your first race. If you choose to pay at your first race, the fee will be slightly higher: $30 USD (€25). The PayPal address for membership dues is issa@slalomskateboarder.com.

We encourage everyone to become a member of the ISSA, but it is only required for racers in the Main and Major events. All other event levels have no membership requirements. Basic, Plain, Prime, grass roots, invitational and outlaw races are all good for the sport, and we encourage these also. If you want to throw one of these events, let us know how we can help. We've done them all, and we encourage you to do so also.

Individuals who do not enter a Main or Major event in 2010 may also join the ISSA for 2010 by paying the membership fee, which will give them access to ISSA member forums and allow them to vote in ISSA elections in December 2010. For these “non-racing” members, membership dues for the 2010 calendar year must be paid by the registration deadline of the last sanctioned Main or Major event. Any current members who have not renewed their dues by this deadline will be dropped from ISSA membership and will not be able to vote in ISSA elections or access the ISSA member forums unless they renew their membership in 2011.

What are we going to do with the money?

The ISSA will use the money to pay for things like race insurance, the world ranking system, physical timing systems, marketing and promotions, upgrading and revising slalomskateboarder.com and helping race organizers with permits, registration, logistics and race costs.

Racer benefits

• World rankings will be managed by the ISSA. Thanks to the excellent work of Hans “Corky” Koraeus and other volunteers, the 2010 rankings will be part of your membership and will be updated every month.
• Points will actually matter: Racers with top points in each category will be recognized and awarded the coveted ISSA Championship Belt at the conclusion of the season.
• Recognition: Beginning with the Spring 2010 issue, the ISSA will have two pages in every issue of Concrete Wave magazine. Thanks to Michael Brooke, we'll be showing off the hottest racers in 2010.
• Racer discounts: Manufacturers are signing up to give ISSA members discounts on product. Details later on this racer benefit.
• Insurance: ISSA races will be provided race and racer insurance. This will help grow the race scene, providing more race opportunities for you.

Organizer benefits

• Insurance will be provided for ISSA-sanctioned races. This is the biggest hurdle in N. America to getting a road closure permit.
• Media coverage as part of the Concrete Wave ISSA coverage.
• Timing system: ISSA race organizers can use an ISSA timing system (dual-lane wired TrackMate 3) and timing spreadsheets.
• Mailing list: Market your race to the ISSA membership
• ISSA Rep assistance at race. We aim to have an ISSA board member or rep at every Main and Major ISSA race to help with logistics.
• Organizer assistance: From permits to road closure plans, to race-running tips, we're here for the race organizer. Let us help.
• Sponsor dollars: As part of an international package of races, sponsor dollars that flow into the ISSA will be used to help run your events.
• Marketing assistance: This includes website development, graphic design, T-shirt design and advertising. We have resources that can help race organizers.
• Points management: We will take results and get your event's points into the rankings for member racers.

Right now there is a unique collection of energized volunteers trying to do something new with the ISSA. We hope you're as stoked about the future of slalom as we are. And we look forward to an excellent season of racing with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please post your comments and discussions here, or contact any member of the ISSA board of directors below.

Gary Fluitt, President
Dan Gesmer, Vice President
Jonathan Harms, Treasurer
Wesley Tucker, Secretary
Joe Iacovelli
Peter Klang
Joe McLaren