[2013] THE SLALOM RACE 2013 Milano - June 8/9 [Main]

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Peter Pletanek
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[2013] THE SLALOM RACE 2013 Milano - June 8/9 [Main]

Post by Peter Pletanek » Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:24 pm

SLALOM RACE 2013 Milano - June 8/9 [Main]

Robert Thiele
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Re: SLALOM RACE 2013 Milano - June 8/9 [Main]

Post by Robert Thiele » Tue May 07, 2013 9:11 am

Please for recommendation of some acommodation close to race areas.
thank you in advance.

Franco Di Giorgio
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Re: SLALOM RACE 2013 Milano - June 8/9 [Main]

Post by Franco Di Giorgio » Thu May 09, 2013 6:13 pm

Hey Guys,

For the Saturday June 08th, Viale Giovanni Brahms a parallel tight and hybrid dual-line
(https://maps.google.it/maps?q=45.447327 ... 16&iwloc=A)

and Sunday 09th via Console Marcello (https://maps.google.it/maps?q=45.504082 ... 1&t=h&z=16)
we are organizing The Slalom Race in Milan - Italy, it's ISSA internationally recognized and will be some performance for the public .

This year we worked hard and we managed to get through 2 days of slalom races on Saturday and on Sunday we will manage a medium-giant slalom in a street in the city of Milan, the road total length of 350 meters of which 250 meters with a slope of 6/7%.

We have a Main ISSA Sanction status

With this mail I invite you and your group of friends and fans of longboarding in these official slalom race (you can find the post on the Events ISSA - http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/slalo ... ons&id=688
With this mail I invite you and your group of friends and riders to slalom

These are the already registered riders :

[Czech Republic] Josef Stefka
[Czech Republic] Petr Janousek
[France] Michel Dupont
[France] Christopher Dupont
[France] Guillaume Saint-Criq
[Great Britain] Louis Selby
[Latvia] Gustavs Gailitis
[Russia] Georguy Artemov
[Germany] Robert Thiele

[Germany] Peter Pletanek
[Italy] Franco Di Giorgio
[Italy] Federico Malventi
[Russia] Oleg Glushko
[Spain] Jose Muñoz Cuellar
[Italy] Gabriele Gabrielli
[Italy] Max Bonassi
[Italy] Francesco Ugolini

[Italy] Riccardo Roma
[Italy] Victor Gallo
[Italy] Abramo Ponzio
[Italy] Lorenzo Galimberti
[Italy] Gianluca Bellomo
[Italy] Mustafa Dgoughi
[Italy] Andrea Paulicelli
[Germany] Silvio Endrizzi
[Italy] Fabrizio Trinchero
[Spain] Nacho Munoz Cuellar
[Spain] Borja Munoz Cuellar
[Spain] Alfonso Pérez Villalpando

[Italy] Beatrice Maggi

[Czech Republic] Petr Matous
[Italy] Zaccaria Di Giorgio

[Italy] Martina De Preto
[Italy] Irene Di Giorgio
[Italy] Bianca Chiovato

It would be nice and helpful to the Italian and European slalom if you slalom skateboards' friends will come, giving also support to this event thanks to your presence.
This really seems kind of contest becomes a real landmark in the European scene and we have already members that joined the race like Janis Kuzmins, second in the world rankings of the last four years, as well as a special guest on the international scene, as Luca Giammarco, and more.

Puma, the well-known sports brand, is our main sponsor, others who again give us their support. The City of Milan has given us the support and permission.

We have the highest money price of the category, more than 4,000 euros, is the prize money for the slalom riders.

For full details and to register or request additional information go to our website http://www.eskate.it to info@eskate.it.

Many thanks for your attention and see you


P.S. Let me know your needs, here I add links to your accommodation for hotel or hostel:


http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/slalo ... ons&id=688
REGISTRATION OPENED: http://jotformpro.com/form/31103043615943
REGISTRATION OPENED: http://jotformpro.com/form/31103043615943
Milan 8-9 june
Saturday 8th of June
parallel slalom,
Tight & Hybrid
at Parco Ravizza "Viale Giovanni Brahms"
in the center of Milan

Pick up & try:
you’ll can try longboarding
Sunday 9th of June
the Giant Slalom race in
Via Console Marcello street
Money prize 4.000 eu
Web registration is open from 30th february
paymanet via PayPal until 6th june 2013

Registration fee
1 day/race:
25,00 Jr and Women
40,00 men AM and PRO
2 days/races
40,00 Jr and Women
60,00 men AM and PRO
5,00 euro more whether you pay after 6th of june
Here is the form to register and pay via Paypal
FREE for kids and spectators