Useful documents

ISSA Slalom Skateboarding Rules (updated 2014)
World record rules (25, 50 and 100 cones)

Event sanction
To get your event included into the ISSA World Ranking first go to the Event Calendar and have a look.
When you have a suitable date for your event there is a link on top of the Calendar where you can register your event.
Do this for all events as quickly as You can.

ISSA Contest Status Recommendation Guide
For lower status (Plain and Basic) You only need to register your event as explained above.
For higher status (Prime, Main and Major) you will first get a temporary Candidate Status until status marshals has granted your sanction request. See below.

For MAJOR or MAIN or PRIME Status Sanction request
ISSA Contest Sanction Application Form
WSF Contest Sanction Application Form

Logo and artwork
If you need artwork for an event poster, article or for any other reason.
ISSA logo 2017 (pdf)
ISSA classic logo package (zip)
WSF logo package (zip)

Notice to Race Organizers:
When your event is registered with ISSA your event automatically get a basic home page on the ranking site.
Go to the ISSA calendar and click on your event to come to the ISSA event page.
Race results and overall results will easily be found here for racers and everyone else in the future.

Here you can also...
- Add your event poster
- Make sure information about your event is complete and accurate.
- Let people register for your event.
- Handle registrations and also add racer registrations yourself.
- Handle registration deadlines and racer limitation for the event.
- Add your own articles with information about your event.
- Add pictures from your event.
- And more...

For any questions or suggestions around the event page or ranking website contact responsible persons for Rank support.

Cone Judging Booklets
For Cone Judges: single pages or as spreads (updated 2015)
For Main Judge: single pages or as spreads
Cone Judge instructions: overview (image)
Main Judge instructions: overview (image)

Helpful Promoter Checklist (from Pencil to Timing System)

To ensure your results will be included into the ISSA World Ranking send them to Ranking Head Supervisor ( and/or National Coordinator.

Event applications and timing sheets
- Seismic's Excel timing sheets
By downloading the ExcelMate below you will also get included excel timing sheets that you can use manually.

- ExcelMate (by EttSexEtt, Marcus Seyffarth)
Will help you transfer your times directly from a Trackmate timer into Seismic's Excel timing sheets.
Latest version download ExcelMate
Instructions download instructions

For additional information and access to large display applications visit the original ExcelMate Forum topic