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Region Name Start Date Status Class
S. America42 results registered 3º Independencia ao Longboard, Sao Paulo (BRA) 2012-Jun-30Prime PrimePRO/AM
N. America13 results registered Wigglin and Shiverin TS and Cook-out, Huntington (USA, WV) 2012-Jan-07Basic BasicOPEN
N. America49 results registered Martin Luther King of the Hill, San Diego (USA, CA) 2012-Jan-14Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America47 results registered Daybreak Downhill and Slalom Race, South Jordan (USA, UT) 2012-Mar-24Basic BasicOPEN
N. America159 results registered Cold Fusion Sizzler, Waller (USA, TX) 2012-Mar-30Main MainOPEN
N. America12 results registered DC Slalom, Frederick (USA, MD) 2012-May-19Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America95 results registered Slalom St. Louis X (USA, MO) 2012-May-26Main MainOPEN
N. America39 results registered Pinhook Slalom Open, South Bend (USA, IN) 2012-Jun-23Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America9 results registered 101 cone challenge, Huntington (USA, WV) 2012-Jun-23Basic BasicOPEN
N. America79 results registered 9th Annual Dovercourt Open/Canadian Championships, Ottawa (CAN) 2012-Jun-30Main MainOPEN
N. America63 results registered 2012 Oceanside Open, North San Diego County (USA, CA) 2012-Jul-14Main MainOPEN
N. America18 results registered Texas Summer Slalom, Austin (USA, TX) 2012-Jul-28Plain PlainOPEN
N. AmericaEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Minnesota Skate Race, Minneapolis (USA, MN) 2012-Aug-04Cancelled CancelledOPEN
N. America32 results registered US National Championships, Frederick (USA, MD) 2012-Aug-25Main MainOPEN
N. America12 results registered Minnesota Outlaw Race, Minneapolis (USA, MN) 2012-Sep-01Basic BasicOPEN
N. America91 results registered Antrim Can/Am Slalom Championship (USA, NH) 2012-Sep-14Major MajorOPEN
N. America112 results registered Kentucky Cone Fest Seven, Ashland (USA, KY) 2012-Sep-15Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America64 results registered Daybreak Downhill and Slalom #2, South Jordan (USA, UT) 2012-Oct-13Plain PlainOPEN
N. America22 results registered Coldstream Slalom #2, Lexington (USA, KY) 2012-Nov-10Basic BasicOPEN
N. America18 results registered Working off the Turkey, Scott Depot (USA, WV) 2012-Nov-24Basic BasicOPEN
N. AmericaEvent cancelled [Cancelled] TXO 2, Waller (USA, TX) 2012-Dec-15Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe25 results registered Vigneron Winter Cup 2012, Nantes (FRA) 2012-Feb-11Basic BasicOPEN
Europe32 results registered Pirate Slalom #4 February, Paris (FRA) 2012-Feb-19Basic BasicOPEN
Europe35 results registered SkAte2: Pump+Grind, Gravesend, Kent (GBR) 2012-Mar-03Basic BasicOPEN
Europe20 results registered 1º SSSA, Madrid (ESP) 2012-Mar-11Basic BasicOPEN
Europe14 results registered Pirate Slalom #5 March, Paris (FRA) 2012-Mar-25Basic BasicOPEN
Europe31 results registered Newrider Longskate Tour 2012, Cagnes sur Mer (FRA) 2012-Mar-30Plain PlainOPEN
Europe19 results registered Pirate Slalom April, Paris (FRA) 2012-Apr-01Basic BasicOPEN
Europe22 results registered Callot Island Slalom 2012, Callot Island, Brittany (FRA) 2012-Apr-07Basic BasicOPEN
Europe64 results registered Lyon Slalom Cup (FRA) 2012-Apr-13Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe40 results registered Jurmala cup – 1st competition (LAT) 2012-Apr-14Plain PlainOPEN
Europe18 results registered 2º SSSA, Madrid (ESP) 2012-Apr-22Basic BasicOPEN
Europe40 results registered O.S.S.G. outlaw – 2nd competition, Grobina (LAT) 2012-Apr-28Plain PlainOPEN
Europe107 results registered The Slalom Race 2012, Milan (ITA) 2012-May-05Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe28 results registered Latvia cup – 3rd competition, Priekuli (LAT) 2012-May-05Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe22 results registered SuomiCup 1 Turku (FIN) 2012-May-06Basic BasicOPEN
Europe10 results registered Cité Island Slalom 2012, Paris (FRA) 2012-May-06Plain PlainOPEN
Europe42 results registered Czech Slalom #1, Prachatice (CZE) 2012-May-12Basic BasicOPEN
Europe140 results registered Amsterdam Slalom Series 666 Open Dutch Nationals (NL) 2012-May-12Main MainOPEN
Europe13 results registered 3º SSSA, Madrid (ESP) 2012-May-13Basic BasicOPEN
Europe59 results registered Hog Hill Open Season 2012, London (GBR) 2012-May-19Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled Liepaja skatepark opening – 4th competition (LAT) 2012-May-19Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe94 results registered Double Kings, Hradec Králové (CZE) 2012-May-19Basic BasicOPEN
Europe20 results registered SuomiCup 2 Espoo (FIN) 2012-May-20Basic BasicOPEN
Europe10 results registered GSS 2012#1, Gothenburg (SWE) 2012-May-20Basic BasicOPEN
Europe34 results registered Brescia Openskate 2012 (ITA) 2012-May-20Plain PlainOPEN
Europe106 results registered Paris Slalom Cup (FRA) 2012-May-26Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe80 results registered Prague Open 2012 (CZE) 2012-Jun-02Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe42 results registered Baltic champioships 2012 – 5th competition, Dzintari (LAT) 2012-Jun-02Basic BasicOPEN
Europe43 results registered Florence Openskate 2012 (ITA) 2012-Jun-03Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] SuomiCup 3 Vantaa (FIN) 2012-Jun-03Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe11 results registered GSS 2012#2, Gothenburg (SWE) 2012-Jun-03Basic BasicOPEN
Europe14 results registered Pera Presqu Island Slalom 2012 (Step 3), Presqu Island, Brittany (FRA) 2012-Jun-05Plain PlainOPEN
Europe36 results registered Riga championships 2012 – 6th competition (LAT) 2012-Jun-09Basic BasicOPEN
Europe41 results registered CYCLOLAUNCH Dual Slalom, Gravesend, Kent (GBR) 2012-Jun-10Plain PlainOPEN
Europe15 results registered SuomiCup 4 Ikaalinen (FIN) 2012-Jun-16Basic BasicOPEN
Europe10 results registered GSS 2012#3, Gothenburg (SWE) 2012-Jun-17Basic BasicOPEN
Europe43 results registered Bologna Openskate 2012 (ITA) 2012-Jun-17Basic BasicOPEN
Europe27 results registered Urban Giant slalom skateboarding, Milano (ITA) 2012-Jun-24Plain PlainOPEN
Europe14 results registered Grande Island Slalom 2012 (Step 4), Grande Island, Brittany (FRA) 2012-Jun-25Basic BasicOPEN
Europe53 results registered 2012 Razorback Games, London (GBR) 2012-Jun-30Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe18 results registered SuomiCup 5 Vantaa (FIN) 2012-Jun-30Basic BasicOPEN
Europe11 results registered GSS 2012#4, Gothenburg (SWE) 2012-Jul-01Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Almese Openskate 2012 (ITA) 2012-Jul-01Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe32 results registered SUMMER SOUND 2012 – 7th competition, Liepaja (LAT) 2012-Jul-07Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe41 results registered Douarnenez Slalom Tour (FRA) 2012-Jul-08Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] The Rush 2012, London (GBR) 2012-Jul-08Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe50 results registered Martin Kopecky Memorial, Sauze dOulx (ITA) 2012-Jul-08Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe109 results registered European Championships 2012, Riga (LAT) 2012-Jul-14Main MainOPEN
Europe18 results registered BSquare Outlaw Slalom School, Toulouse (FRA) 2012-Jul-14Basic BasicOPEN
Europe30 results registered 4º SSSA Slalom Castro Urdiales (ESP) 2012-Jul-21Basic BasicOPEN
Europe333 results registered ISSA World Championships 2012, Stuttgart (GER) 2012-Jul-27Major MajorOPEN
Europe93 results registered Kill Hill Vol.2, Liberec - Vesec (CZE) 2012-Aug-04Main MainOPEN
Europe9 results registered Priekuli 2nd Edition, Saint Pol de Leon (LAT) 2012-Aug-04Plain PlainOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] World record attempt 50 and 100 cones, Gothenburg (SWE) 2012-Aug-05Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe134 results registered Policka SK8 2012 (CZE) 2012-Aug-11Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe24 results registered SuomiCup 6 Vantaa (FIN) 2012-Aug-11Basic BasicOPEN
Europe11 results registered GSS 2012#5, Gothenburg (SWE) 2012-Aug-12Basic BasicOPEN
Europe26 results registered Latvian championships 2012 – 9th competition, Madona (LAT) 2012-Aug-18Basic BasicOPEN
Europe94 results registered Grenoble Désaxé 2012 (FRA) 2012-Aug-24Main MainOPEN
Europe50 results registered SuomiCup 7 Finnish Championship, Espoo (FIN) 2012-Aug-25Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe114 results registered Czech Championships, Havlickuv Brod (CZE) 2012-Sep-01Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Milano Openskate 2012 (ITA) 2012-Sep-01Cancelled CancelledOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] 5º SSSA DONOSTIA Slalom Race, San Sebastian (ESP) 2012-Sep-08Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe30 results registered Olaine cup 2012 – 10th competition, Jurmala (LAT) 2012-Sep-08Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeSuomiCup Finals 8 Espoo (FIN) Waiting for results...2012-Sep-09Basic BasicOPEN
Europe42 results registered Newrider Tour 2012 - Menton Slalom Race (FRA) 2012-Sep-09Basic BasicOPEN
Europe28 results registered SM, Gothenburg (SWE) 2012-Sep-15Plain PlainOPEN
Europe17 results registered Annonay Festigliss 2012 (FRA) 2012-Sep-22Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Super Skate Open Day 2012, Torino (ITA) 2012-Sep-23Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe109 results registered Czech Slalom #3, Pilsen (CZE) 2012-Sep-29Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] 6º SSSA Vitoria Slalom Race, Vitoria-Gazteiz (ESP) 2012-Sep-29Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe10 results registered TudyIsland Slalom 2012 (Step 6), Tudy Island, Brittany (FRA) 2012-Sep-29Basic BasicOPEN
Europe45 results registered Highvalley Skateworld Inauguration, Stockholm (SWE) 2012-Sep-29Plain PlainOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] European Indoor Championships, Brno (CZE) 2012-Oct-05Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe11 results registered Pirates Slalom 2013 Race #1, Paris (FRA) 2012-Oct-07Plain PlainOPEN
Europe124 results registered 7º SSSA Slalom Grand Prix Palma de Mallorca (ESP) 2012-Oct-13Main MainOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Sassari Openskate 2012 (ITA) 2012-Oct-14Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe22 results registered Sainte Anne island Slalom 2012, St Anne Island, Brittany (FRA) 2012-Oct-21Plain PlainOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Canceled] Sofia Antipolis SGS (FRA) 2012-Oct-27Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe6 results registered Sieck island Slalom 2012 (Step 7), Sieck Island, Brittany (FRA) 2012-Nov-03Basic BasicOPEN
Europe28 results registered SSSA Bilbao Slalom Race, Racing Bilbo Heights (ESP) 2012-Nov-10Plain PlainOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] 8º SSSA FINAL Slalom MASACRE, Madrid (ESP) 2012-Nov-11Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe23 results registered Pirate Slalom 2012/2013 race#2, Paris (FRA) 2012-Nov-25Plain PlainOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] SSSA Pozuelo Slalom Race, Madrid (ESP) 2012-Nov-25Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe44 results registered Nantes island Slalom 2012 (FRA) 2012-Dec-08Basic BasicOPEN
Europe17 results registered Saint Louis island Slalom/Pirate #3 2012, Paris (FRA) 2012-Dec-16Basic BasicOPEN
Europe17 results registered Batz Island Slalom 2012 (FRA) 2012-Dec-30Basic BasicOPEN
Australia29 results registered Springvale Ditch, Friday 13th, Wadalba (AUS) 2012-Apr-13Basic BasicOPEN
Australia11 results registered Summer Series, X (AUS) 2012-Apr-15Prime PrimeOPEN
Australia27 results registered King of the Ditch, X (AUS) 2012-May-27Basic BasicOPEN
Australia16 results registered Dulwich Snake Run, X (AUS) 2012-Jun-23Plain PlainOPEN
Australia29 results registered PC:s Fast 50, X (AUS) 2012-Jul-29Basic BasicOPEN
Australia12 results registered Return of the Dulwich Snake Run, X (AUS) 2012-Aug-05Plain PlainOPEN
Australia25 results registered Stromlo (AUS) 2012-Sep-29Main MainOPEN
Australia28 results registered Ainslie, Canberra (AUS) 2012-Sep-30Basic BasicOPEN
Australia46 results registered Kincumber, Kincumber Ditch (AUS) 2012-Oct-20Basic BasicOPEN
Australia33 results registered Warnervale 100, X (AUS) 2012-Oct-21Basic BasicOPEN
Australia23 results registered Yarrah Ranges, X (AUS) 2012-Dec-02Prime PrimeOPEN
Australia17 results registered Monash Carpark, X (AUS) 2012-Dec-09Plain PlainOPEN
Australia19 results registered Fawkner Park, X (AUS) 2012-Dec-11Prime PrimeOPEN
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