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Region Name Start Date Status Class
S. AmericaEvent cancelled Guajataca Skateboarding and Music Festival, Buenos Aires (ARG) 2016-Jan-30Cancelled CancelledOPEN
N. America22 results registered Wigglin and Shiverin 5, South Charleston (USA, WV) 2016-Jan-23Plain PlainOPEN
N. America11 results registered NC Winter Slalom Race 2016, Davidson (USA, NC) 2016-Feb-21Basic BasicOPEN
N. America74 results registered Cold Fusion Sizzler, Waller (USA, TX) 2016-Apr-08Main MainOPEN
N. America78 results registered Slalom St Louis, St. Louis (USA, MO) 2016-May-28Main MainOPEN
N. AmericaSlalom Cause you Gotta n BBQ, Salem (USA, OR) 2016-Jun-05Fun event Fun eventOPEN
N. America18 results registered Coldstream Slalom 4, Lexington (USA, KY) 2016-Jun-25Basic BasicOPEN
N. America7 results registered Not the Nationals 2016, San Diego (USA, CA) 2016-Jul-17Basic BasicOPEN
N. America20 results registered Great Lakes Cone Crusher, Middleville (USA, MI) 2016-Aug-20Prime PrimeOPEN
N. AmericaEvent cancelled Turn n Burn 2016, Morrisville (USA, NC) 2016-Aug-28Cancelled CancelledOPEN
N. America26 results registered Wiggle By The Wall 2016, Catletts (USA, KY) 2016-Sep-03Plain PlainOPEN
N. America37 results registered 2016 Gold Rush Classic, Nevada City (USA, CA) 2016-Sep-03Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America51 results registered Cone Fest 11, Ashland (USA, KY) 2016-Sep-16Main MainPRO/AM (H2H)
N. America19 results registered Antrim Can / Am (USA, NH) 2016-Sep-17Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America25 results registered KHRT Outlaw Slalom #2 2016, Quebec (CAN) 2016-Oct-01Basic BasicOPEN
N. America89 results registered Sk8Kings US National Slalom Championship 6, Oceanside (USA, CA) 2016-Oct-01Major MajorOPEN
N. America14 results registered Daybreak Downhill #6, South Jordan (USA, UT) 2016-Oct-08Basic BasicOPEN
N. AmericaEvent cancelled Barbacue/Skateboard Race, South Hadley (USA, MA) 2016-Oct-16Cancelled CancelledOPEN
N. America34 results registered Hobby Park Slalom 3, Winston-Salem (USA, NC) 2016-Oct-22Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America30 results registered TXO SLM 5, Waller (USA, TX) 2016-Dec-10Basic BasicOPEN
Europe39 results registered Winter Skate Slalom Contest for Friends 2016, Pilsen (CZE) 2016-Jan-16Plain PlainOPEN
Europe11 results registered Pirate race #2, Paris (FRA) 2016-Jan-17Plain PlainOPEN
Europe14 results registered Gothenburg Klock Memorial Cup 1 Peter Klock 2016 (SWE) 2016-Jan-31Basic BasicOPEN
Europe24 results registered Assoride Slalom Show, Nantes (FRA) 2016-Feb-07Plain PlainOPEN
Europe35 results registered Pirate race #3, Paris (FRA) 2016-Feb-21Basic BasicOPEN
Europe10 results registered Cyberslalom Düsseldorf (GER) 2016-Feb-21Plain PlainOPEN
Europe24 results registered Assoride Slalom Show #2, Rennes (FRA) 2016-Mar-06Plain PlainOPEN
Europe14 results registered Gothenburg Klock Memorial Cup 2 Peter Klock 2016 (SWE) 2016-Mar-06Basic BasicOPEN
Europe63 results registered Cup 1, Liepaja (LAT) 2016-Mar-19Basic BasicOPEN
Europe32 results registered Pirate race #4, Paris (FRA) 2016-Mar-20Basic BasicOPEN
Europe14 results registered Gothenburg Klock Memorial Cup 3 Peter Klock 2016 (SWE) 2016-Apr-10Basic BasicOPEN
Europe11 results registered Pirate #5, Paris (FRA) 2016-Apr-24Basic BasicOPEN
Europe90 results registered Grand Prix SK8 Slalom Brno 2016 (CZE) 2016-Apr-30Basic BasicOPEN
Europe16 results registered SaintPathik Slalom, Le Saint (FRA) 2016-May-06Basic BasicOPEN
Europe44 results registered The Crackling 2016, London (GBR) 2016-May-21Basic BasicOPEN
Europe51 results registered Cup 2, Grobina (LAT) 2016-May-28Basic BasicOPEN
Europe31 results registered Moscow City Race #4 (RUS) 2016-Jun-11Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
EuropeEvent cancelled Slalom World Cup Grüningen (SUI) 2016-Jun-12Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe25 results registered Désaxé Worldride #10, Grenoble (FRA) 2016-Jun-24Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe107 results registered Czech skate slalom cup - Pilsen open 2016 (CZE) 2016-Jun-25Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe33 results registered Cup 3, Liepaja (LAT) 2016-Jul-09Basic BasicOPEN
Europe21 results registered Plzen slalom 2016, Pilsen (CZE) 2016-Jul-16Plain PlainOPEN
Europe40 results registered Razorback Games 2016, TBA (GBR) 2016-Jul-16Basic BasicOPEN
Europe95 results registered Moscow Slalom Race (RUS) 2016-Jul-16Main MainOPEN
Europe52 results registered Nantes Slalom Open (FRA) 2016-Jul-23Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe46 results registered Kiev Skateboard Slalom Cup 2016 (UKR) 2016-Jul-23Plain PlainOPEN
Europe19 results registered German Cyber Slalom (GER) 2016-Jul-30Basic BasicOPEN
Europe3 results registered French Cyberslalom@ German Cyberslalom, Düsseldorf (GER) 2016-Jul-30Plain PlainOPEN
Europe318 results registered World Championship 2016, Riga & Priekuli (LAT) 2016-Aug-05Major MajorPRO/AM (H2H)
Europe131 results registered Banked Slalom World Championships 2016 Step I, Stockholm (SWE) (Sub event!) 2016-Aug-06Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe47 results registered Banked Slalom World Championships 2016 Step II, Stockholm (SWE) (Sub event!) 2016-Aug-13Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe215 results registered Swedish Championship, Stockholm (SWE) 2016-Aug-13Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe247 results registered Policka European Championships (CZE) 2016-Aug-26Main MainOPEN
Europe7 results registered Pescantina di Verona (ITA) 2016-Sep-10Plain PlainOPEN
Europe45 results registered Moscow City Race #5 (RUS) 2016-Sep-17Prime PrimeOPEN (H2H)
Europe60 results registered Slalom Madrid 2016 (ESP) 2016-Sep-18Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe106 results registered German Open - Stuttgart (GER) 2016-Sep-24Main MainOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled Slalom San Sebastian 2016 (ESP) 2016-Oct-01Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe28 results registered Czech Sk8 Slalom Cup - Prague Open 2016 (CZE) 2016-Oct-08Prime PrimeOPEN (H2H)
Europe19 results registered Hogtoberfest 2016, London (GBR) 2016-Oct-15Basic BasicOPEN
Europe25 results registered Pirate Slalom 2016/2017 #1, Paris (FRA) 2016-Nov-27Basic BasicOPEN
Europe63 results registered Smooth Prague indoor skateslalom race 2016 (CZE) 2016-Dec-11Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
Europe10 results registered Pirate Slalom 2016/2017 #2, Paris (FRA) 2016-Dec-11Plain PlainOPEN
Europe5 results registered 11th Batz Island Slalom (FRA) 2016-Dec-18Basic BasicOPEN
Oceania42 results registered Australian National Slalom Championships 2016, Canberra (AUS) 2016-Mar-12Basic BasicOPEN
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