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   Major Main Prime Basic Plain    Register events for the calendar

Region Name Start Date Status Class
N. America23 results registered Wigglin and Shiverin 6, Huntington (USA, WV) 2017-Feb-18Basic BasicOPEN
N. America19 results registered Presidents Day Jam, San Diego (USA, CA) 2017-Feb-19Basic BasicOPEN
N. America83 results registered Cold Fusion Sizzler, Hockley (USA, TX) 2017-Mar-24Main MainOPEN
N. AmericaEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Conedemonium, Wilmington (USA, NC) 2017-Apr-09Cancelled CancelledOPEN
N. America20 results registered SoCal Cup#1, San Diego (USA, CA) 2017-Apr-30Basic BasicOPEN
N. America72 results registered Slalom St. Louis (USA, MO) 2017-May-27Main MainOPEN
N. America31 results registered 2017 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #1, Quebec (CAN) 2017-May-27Basic BasicOPEN
N. America32 results registered SoCal Cup#2, San Diego (USA, CA) 2017-Jun-10Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America28 results registered Cornwall Classic 2/Canadian Championships, Cornwall, Ontario (CAN) 2017-Jul-08Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America70 results registered West Coast Championships, Salem (USA, OR) 2017-Jul-15Main MainOPEN
N. AmericaColdstream Slalom 5, Lexington (USA, KY) Waiting for results...2017-Jul-22Basic BasicOPEN
N. America2017 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #2, Quebec (CAN) Waiting for results...2017-Aug-04Basic BasicOPEN
N. AmericaInternational Cyber Slalom Fest (USA) Waiting for results...2017-Aug-09Basic BasicOPEN
N. AmericaWorld Championships of Slalom Skateboarding, Cornwall, Ontario (CAN) 2017-Sep-01Major MajorOPEN 15 registered
N. America2017 Gold Rush Classic GS/SG, Nevada City (USA, CA) 2017-Sep-02Prime PrimeOPEN Nobody registered yet...
N. AmericaWiggle by the Wall: 4 Score and several races ago!, Catlettsburg (USA, KY) 2017-Sep-02Plain PlainOPEN Nobody registered yet...
N. AmericaKentucky Fried Conefest, Ashland (USA, KY) 2017-Sep-16Prime PrimeOPEN Nobody registered yet...
N. America2017 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #3, Quebec (CAN) 2017-Oct-14Basic BasicOPEN 1 registered
N. AmericaUS Nationals, Winston-Salem (USA, NC) 2017-Oct-20Main MainOPEN 1 registered
Europe78 results registered Zimní sk8slalomové závody, Pilsen (CZE) 2017-Feb-11Basic BasicOPEN
Europe26 results registered Pirate Slalom 2016 / 2017 #4, Paris (FRA) 2017-Feb-19Basic BasicOPEN
Europe12 results registered Gothenburg Klock Memorial Cup 1 Peter Klock 2017 (SWE) 2017-Feb-26Basic BasicOPEN
Europe10 results registered Pirate Slalom 2016 / 2017 #5, Paris (FRA) 2017-Mar-19Basic BasicOPEN
Europe59 results registered RIPOSHOP.LV Cup 1, Liepaja (LAT) 2017-Mar-25Basic BasicOPEN
Europe20 results registered Gothenburg Klock Memorial Cup 2 Peter Klock 2017 (SWE) 2017-Mar-26Basic BasicOPEN
Europe6 results registered Pirate Slalom 2016 / 2017 #6, Paris (FRA) 2017-Apr-23Basic BasicOPEN
Europe18 results registered Gothenburg Klock Memorial Cup 3 Peter Klock 2017 (SWE) 2017-Apr-30Basic BasicOPEN
Europe51 results registered The Crackling 2017, London (GBR) 2017-May-20Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Pirate Slalom 2016 / 2017 #7, Paris (FRA) 2017-May-21Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe29 results registered RIPOSHOP.LV Cup 2, Liepaja (LAT) 2017-May-27Basic BasicOPEN
Europe30 results registered Prachatice Open 2017 2017 (CZE) 2017-May-27Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Castro Slalom Race By Volt Energy, Castro Urdiales (ESP) 2017-Jun-03Cancelled CancelledOPEN (H2H)
Europe53 results registered Spring sk8 slalom ride, Pilsen (CZE) 2017-Jun-03Plain PlainOPEN (H2H)
Europe50 results registered Moscow City Race #6 (RUS) 2017-Jun-10Prime Candidate Prime CandidateOPEN (H2H)
Europe30 results registered Open Tower Jiggle, Mönchengladbach-Rheydt (GER) 2017-Jun-17Basic BasicOPEN
Europe90 results registered Czech skate slalom cup - Pilsen open 2017 (CZE) 2017-Jun-24Prime Candidate Prime CandidateOPEN (H2H)
Europe38 results registered Swedish Nationals SM-veckan 2017, Borĺs (SWE) 2017-Jun-30Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe76 results registered Nantes Slalom World Cup (FRA) 2017-Jul-14Main MainOPEN
Europe141 results registered German Open - Stuttgart (GER) 2017-Jul-22Main MainPRO/AM (H2H)
EuropeSummer Swine Stomp, London (GBR) Waiting for results...2017-Jul-22Basic BasicOPEN
EuropeMoscow City Race #7 (RUS) Waiting for results...2017-Jul-29Plain PlainOPEN (H2H)
EuropeSkate n Roll Policka 2017 (CZE) Waiting for results...2017-Aug-05Prime PrimeOPEN (H2H)
Europe194 results registered Banked Slalom World Championships 2017, Stockholm (SWE) Not yet in ranking...2017-Aug-18Main MainOPEN
EuropeRIPOSHOP.LV Cup 3, Liepaja (LAT) 2017-Aug-26Basic BasicOPEN Nobody registered yet...
EuropeMadrid Slalom European Championship, Madrid - Pozuelo de Alcar (ESP) 2017-Sep-16Major MajorPRO/AM (H2H) 28 registered
EuropeSlalom Petersburg Battle#Petersburg is back, St. Petersburg (RUS) 2017-Sep-30Basic BasicOPEN 1 registered
EuropeHogtoberfest 2017, London (GBR) 2017-Oct-14Basic BasicOPEN 2 registered
EuropeTesting event, Stockholm (SWE) 2017-Dec-31Plain PlainOPEN 13 registered
Australia48 results registered Newtons Nation 2017 Bathurst Slalom, Bathurst, NSW (AUS) 2017-Feb-18Basic BasicOPEN
Australia28 results registered National Capital Slalom Championships 2017, Canberra, ACT (AUS) 2017-Mar-11Prime PrimeOPEN