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Region Name Start Date Status Class
N. America80 results registered Cold Fusion Sizzler, Waller (USA, TX) 2018-Mar-23Main MainOPEN
N. America28 results registered Kona Cone Bash, Jacksonville (USA, FL) 2018-Apr-20Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America34 results registered SoCal Series #1, San Diego (USA, CA) 2018-May-20Basic BasicOPEN
N. America65 results registered Slalom St. Louis (USA, MO) 2018-May-26Main MainOPEN
N. America89 results registered US Nationals, Lafayette (USA, CO) 2018-Jun-02Major MajorOPEN
N. America14 results registered 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #1, Quebec (CAN) 2018-Jun-02Basic BasicOPEN
N. America17 results registered Coldstream Slalom 6, Lexington (USA, KY) 2018-Jun-23Basic BasicOPEN
N. America7 results registered World Record Attempt, San Diego (USA, CA) 2018-Jul-01Basic BasicOPEN
N. America18 results registered 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #2, Quebec (CAN) 2018-Jul-14Basic BasicOPEN
N. America28 results registered Cornwall Classic 3/Canadian Championships, Cornwall, Ontario (CAN) 2018-Jul-21Basic BasicOPEN
N. America16 results registered 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #3, Quebec (CAN) 2018-Aug-25Basic BasicOPEN
N. AmericaEvent cancelled 2018 Gold Rush Classic, Nevada City (USA, CA) 2018-Sep-01Cancelled CancelledOPEN
N. America7 results registered Cones on the Coast #2 Skate & Surf, Wilmington (USA, NC) 2018-Sep-08Plain PlainOPEN
N. America26 results registered SoCal Series #2, San Diego (USA, CA) 2018-Sep-16Basic BasicOPEN
N. America11 results registered Cyber Slalom International 2, World Wide (USA, CA) 2018-Sep-20Plain PlainOPEN
N. America56 results registered West Coast Championships, Salem (USA, OR) 2018-Sep-22Main MainOPEN
N. America36 results registered Cone Fest XIII, Ashland (USA, KY) 2018-Sep-22Basic BasicOPEN
N. AmericaEvent cancelled 2018 - KHRT Outlaw Slalom #4, Quebec (CAN) 2018-Oct-06Cancelled CancelledOPEN
N. America24 results registered SoCal Series #3, San Diego (USA, CA) 2018-Oct-07Prime PrimeOPEN
N. America26 results registered Cornwall Classic Outlaw, Cornwall, Ontario (CAN) 2018-Oct-14Basic BasicOPEN
N. America37 results registered Hobby Park Slalom 5, Winston-Salem (USA, NC) 2018-Oct-27Main MainOPEN
Europe55 results registered Winter Sk8slalom for friends, Pilsen (CZE) 2018-Feb-24Basic BasicOPEN
Europe56 results registered Ripshop cup 1, Liepaja (LAT) 2018-Mar-24Basic BasicOPEN
Europe34 results registered The Crackling 2018, London (GBR) 2018-Apr-14Basic BasicOPEN
Europe9 results registered Pirate Slalom du Sud 2018, Avignon (FRA) 2018-Apr-29Basic BasicOPEN
Europe36 results registered FYB Black Hunting - Czech series part 1, Hradec Králové (CZE) 2018-May-19Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
Europe29 results registered Ripshop Cup 2, Liepaja (LAT) 2018-May-26Plain PlainOPEN
Europe45 results registered Spring Sk8slalom Ride, Pilsen (CZE) 2018-Jun-02Prime PrimeOPEN
Europe50 results registered Moscow City Race #8 (RUS) 2018-Jun-02Basic BasicPRO/AM
Europe18 results registered FYB Independent - Czech series part 2, Prachatice (CZE) 2018-Jun-02Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
EuropeEvent cancelled [Cancelled] Désaxé Worldride #11, Grenoble (FRA) 2018-Jun-09Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe19 results registered Spire of Steez, Mönchengladbach-Rheydt (GER) 2018-Jun-16Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
Europe51 results registered Little Skaten n Roll, Policka (CZE) 2018-Jun-16Basic BasicPRO/AM (H2H)
Europe39 results registered White Night Race, St. Petersburg (RUS) 2018-Jun-23Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
Europe104 results registered Pilsen II (CZE) 2018-Jun-30Main MainOPEN
Europe39 results registered Swedish Nationals SM-veckan 2018, Helsingborg (SWE) 2018-Jul-04Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
Europe114 results registered German Open - Stuttgart (GER) 2018-Jul-07Main MainPRO/AM (H2H)
Europe21 results registered Summer Swine Stomp 2018, London (GBR) 2018-Jul-14Basic BasicOPEN
Europe65 results registered Latvian Championships, Liepaja (LAT) 2018-Jul-14Prime PrimeOPEN
EuropeEvent cancelled Gold Skateboard Raduno, Verona (ITA) 2018-Jul-21Cancelled CancelledOPEN
Europe344 results registered World Championships Policka 2018 (CZE) 2018-Aug-10Major MajorOPEN (H2H)
Europe45 results registered Coyote Banked Slalom, Stockholm (SWE) 2018-Aug-11Plain PlainOPEN
Europe32 results registered RBU EineStadt Slalom Race, Mönchengladbach-Rheydt (GER) 2018-Aug-18Prime PrimeOPEN (H2H)
Europe107 results registered World Champions Super Finals, Linköping (SWE) 2018-Aug-22Main MainPRO/AM
Europe132 results registered Banked Slalom World Championships 2018, Stockholm (SWE) 2018-Aug-26Main MainPRO/AM
EuropeEvent cancelled FYB Bloody Bones - Czech series part 3, Havlickuv Brod (CZE) 2018-Sep-01Cancelled CancelledOPEN (H2H)
Europe50 results registered Moscow City Race #9 (RUS) 2018-Sep-08Prime PrimePRO/AM
Europe187 results registered Madrid Slalom, Madrid - Pozuelo de Alcar (ESP) 2018-Sep-22Main MainPRO/AM (H2H)
Europe24 results registered FYB Prague Open - Czech series part 4 (CZE) 2018-Oct-06Basic BasicOPEN (H2H)
Europe17 results registered Hogtoberfest 2018, London (GBR) 2018-Oct-13Basic BasicOPEN
Europe12 results registered Pirate Slalom 2018/2019 #1, Nantes (FRA) 2018-Nov-04Plain Plain
Europe119 results registered Smooth Prague Open 2018 (CZE) 2018-Dec-01 (2 days)Plain Plain
Europe21 results registered 13th Batz Island Slalom 2018 (FRA) 2018-Dec-23Plain Plain
EuropeTesting event, Stockholm (SWE) Waiting for results...2018-Dec-30Plain PlainOPEN
Australia21 results registered Australian National Slalom Championships 2018, Canberra (AUS) 2018-Mar-10Main MainOPEN
Australia14 results registered Australian National Slalom Championships BS1 201, Canberra (AUS) 2018-Mar-11Basic BasicOPEN
Australia15 results registered Australian National Slalom Championships BS2 201, Canberra (AUS) 2018-Mar-12Basic BasicOPEN
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