European Championships 2013 - London!

[December 1st, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

The EU status marshals and the ISSA Board of Directors has awarded the 2013 European Championships of slalom skateboarding to be held in London. The 2013 European Championships has also been assigned Major status. Only one event every year, on each continent, get the Major status, and as such is expected to gather the most competitors and be the most competitive event of the year. Get ready for high level racing!

Friday August 2 - Sunday August 4, 2013

It will be the first time since 1986 that the European Championships returns to England. Back then it was held in Warrington, closed to Manchester, as part of a general skateboarding event (halfpipe, freestyle, high jump, slalom). This time it's Hog Hill, an excellent location for slalom racing and it's all about slalom. Three full days of slalom racing (giant, hybrid and tight). We wish the UKSSA and it's Euros organizing committee good luck with the preparations and see you all in London next summer!

The only other candidate was Antibes, France returning with a 10 year celebratory race, 10 years after the first event in Antibes. It also promises to be an exciting event, and the EU status marshals is currently reviewing what status should be awarded. As a late season event, September 20-22, Antibes is sure to gather a good crowd as well, without it being the Euros this year.

Ranking update Oct 31

[November 25th, 2012 by Hans Koraeus]

ISSA World Ranking - October 31 2012

The monthly ranking update for 2012 is calculated.
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The event list are missing some results from April events.

ISSA World Ranking - October 31 2012


[November 16th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

Newly re-elected members:

- Jani Soderhall, SWE/FRA
- Flavio Badenes, NED
- Ron "Fatboy" Barbagallo, US

Thus, the ISSA BOD 2013 is made up of:

- Jani Soderhall, SWE/FRA
- Flavio Badenes, NED
- Ron "Fatboy" Barbagallo, US
- Petr Janousek, CZE
- Jonathan Harms, US
- Hans "Corky" Koraeus, SWE
- Ricardo Damborenea, ESP

ISSA election coming up!

[November 4th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

The nomination period for new ISSA Board of Directors members have just started.

If you're a member go to the "ISSA Members Only" forum and check out the current nominations, then add more! Or voice your support - or criticism - for those already nominated.

Election calendar:

• November 1st, nominations started
• The nominations will stay open until Midnight EST, Thursday, November 15th.
• Then the polls will open for TWO WEEKS and close on Friday, November 30.
• At that time if there is any need for a runoff, the polls will be open for another week and elections will be settled by Friday, December 7.

There are THREE seats open for this election to the seven-member Board Of Directors.
The following Board Members are eligible to be renominated at the end of their term:

Jani Soderhall
Flavio Badenes
Ron Barbagallo

Four Board Of Directors have completed one year of their two year terms and are not up for re-election:

Jonathan "JBH" Harms
Hans "Corky" Koraeus
Ricardo Damborenea
Petr Janousek

ps. If you believe you are 2012 member of the ISSA, and yet cannot see the ISSA Members only forum, contact Wesley Tucker.

Make your voice heard!

6º SSSA Mallorca Slalom Grand Prix – October 12-14

[October 15th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

By Ricardo Damborenea

The event started on Friday October 12th with a welcome dinner & drinks hosted by the organizers (AMSS – Associació Mallorquina Slalom Skateboard) at the race HQ, the Wave House Hotel. Instructions were given for racers to be ready for the Hybrid on the next morning at 8:30m.

But it rained all night and continued to do so until 9:30am or so, when the sun timidly started to show. The organizers wisely switched the spot from the wet tarmac to a bicycle path that run alongside it that was going to dry faster. And it did, so by noon we could start with the Dual Pro hybrid. Winner was Joe McLaren, followed by Janis Kuzmins and Viking Hadestrand. Women qualis were next, won by Lynn Kramer, Lienite Skaraine second and Eva Jedlickova third. AM was next but qualis were stopped by a huge shower and the race was cancelled.

We reconvened at the Wave House for some surfing, BBQ and finger crossing, as the weather forecasts were not very good. In fact it rained overnight, but dawn brought some nice sunshine. The spot was a long road alongside a Golf course, with a good pitch and grippy tarmac so we were ready for some real speed!. We started with Pro GS and again it was a win for Joe. Janis was second and George Pappas third. In AM, Santiago Perez ¨Madsurfer” won followed by Petr Novotny and Dany Navarro.

As the sun continued to shine and we still had time, we run the AM Hybrid we had to cancel the previous day on a shorter circuit and single lane. Georguy Artemov took the first position, followed by Santiago Perez “Madsurfer” and Sebastian Volhorter. The race ended with prices and podiums and a wish for more Mallorca racing.

The race was covered by local and national newspapers and by the regional TV.

Mallorca Giant Slalom Results

[October 14th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

Giant Slalom - Pro, top 8

1. Joe McLaren, USA
2. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
3. George Pappas, USA
4. Michel Dupont, FRA
5. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
6. Josef Stefka, CZE
7. Jaroslav Knetting, CZE
8. Richy Carrasco, USA

Women, top 4

1. Lynn Kramer, USA
2. Lienite Skaraine, LAT
3. Eva Jedlickova, CZE
4. Natalya Oliete, ESP

Am, top 8

1. Santiago Pérez, URY
2. Petr Novotny, CZE
3. Daniel Navarro, ESP
4. Sebastian Vorholter, GER
5. Fernando Pastor, ESP
6. George Artemov, RUS
7. Magnus Bobert, SWE
8. Peter Pletanek, GER

Mallorca - Hybrid Pro results

[October 13th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

After a rainy start of the day, the Pro racing finally got underway, and leading all through the race was Joe McLaren confirming his status as the number 1 ranked rider 2012!

Hybrid Pro - Top 8

1. Joe McLaren, USA
2. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
3. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
4. Jaroslav Knettig, CZE
5. Michel Dupont, FRA
6. Mikael Hadestrand, SWE
7. George Pappas, USA
8. Chris Schütz, GER

Ladies, qualifying results (then interrupted by rain):

1. Lynn Kramer, USA
2. Lienite Skaraine, LAT
3. Eva Jedlickova, CZE
4. Natalia Oliete, ESP
5. Paula Carmona, ESP
6. Marieke Waerren, NED

AM, top 8 - restarted Sunday as single lane
1. George Artemov, RUS
2. Santiago Pérez, ESP
3. Sebastian Vorholter, GER
4. Daniel Navarro, ESP
5. Petr Novotny, CZE
6. Pierre Hazera, FRA
7. Guillaume Saint-Criq, FRA
8. Fernando Pastor, ESP

Complete results...

Organized by:
AMSS - Associació Mallorquina Slalom Skateboards
SSSA - Spanish Slalom Skateboard Association

New ISSA World Records

[October 7th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

The ISSA has decided to approve the following two new World Records, despite the late arrival of the documention.

New 50 cones World Records (August 5)
Men: Viking Hadestrand, Sweden, 9.436
Masters: Mikael Hadestrand, Sweden, 9.826

Congratulations to Viking and Mikael!

New ISSA World Records

[September 12th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

The summer of 2012 inspired racers to reach new levels and a total of four new ISSA world records were set during the month of August.

The ISSA Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following new ISSA world record holders.

New 50 cones World Records (August 18)
Men: Janis Kuzmins, Latvia, 9.77
Women: Lienite Skaraine, Latvia, 11.99
Women, junior: Anna Gailite, Latvia, 12.40

New 25 cones, cyberslalom World Record (August 25):
Women: Hanna Jaakola, Finland, 9.986

Two other world record attempts were reported but have not yet approved. August 5; Viking Hadestrand, men (9.436) and Mikael Hadestrand, Masters Men (9.826). These two records have not been approved yet as sufficient evidence has not been provided.


Ranking update Aug 31

[September 4th, 2012 by Hans Koraeus]

ISSA World Ranking - August 31 2012

The monthly ranking update for 2012 is calculated.
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The event list are missing some results. Let's get them in.

ISSA World Ranking - August 31 2012

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