Overall victories at Euros to Germany!

[July 16th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

The Euros suffered plenty of rain, not constant, but enough to keep the ground unskateable but racers and organizers didn't give up. Saturday the GS finished close to midnight and Sunday two disciplines was held indoors. But the skaters were skating and new European Champions were crowned! Overall honors goes to Germany with Dominik Kowalski winning the overall mens category and Katrin Sehl winning the overall ladies category.

1. Dominik Kowalski
2. Janis Kuzmins
3. Gustavs Gailitis

1. Janis Kuzmins
2. Mikael Hadestrand
3. Dominik Kowalski

1. Dominik Kowalski
2. Mikael Hadestrand
3. Janis Kuzmins

GS Women:
1. Lienite Skaraine
2. Katrin Sehl
3. Olesya Naumchik

1. Olesya Naumchik
2. Katrin Sehl
3. Lienite Skaraine

1. Katrin Sehl
2. Olesya Naumchik
3. Hanna Jaakola

TEXAS OUTLAWS Will Host 2013 World Championships!

[July 2nd, 2012 by ISSA Board of Directors]

After careful consideration, the ISSA Board of Directors has unanimously approved the Texas Outlaws' application to host the 2013 World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding. The Outlaws' application, and their track record of hosting the very popular Cold Fusion Sizzler race for nine years in a row, showed that they have access to world-class hills and facilities, along with an organization that is capable of hosting an event of World Championship size and scope.

The 2013 World Championships will receive the ISSA's highest event status, Major, for 2013 in North America.

Exact dates have not yet been decided, but the event will likely be held in late October or early November 2013. It is hoped that awarding the World Championships designation well in advance will allow the group ample time to recruit and attract sponsors.

More details will be announced here on slalomskateboarder.com as further developments occur.

Amsterdam Slalom Series 12-13 May 2012

[May 13th, 2012 by Flavio Badenes]

Hey hey hey what a super weekend! The best racers in the world. The new generation is Slalom skateboarding, including that 49 year-old teenager called Fabian
Björnstjerna. It was great to watch such an unbelievable technical level. Viking, Viktor, Jānis Kuzmins, Gustavs Gailitis, the new comer Russian lady Alessya Naumchik, old friends like Markus Roch, Donald Campbell, Sam Gordon, Rob Ashby, Louis Selby, Bruno Silva De Oliveira. Too many great riders to name. It was great to see you all here again!

The kids, amazing! Vincent, Melle, Milos, Max and Felix. Super well done.

Katrin Sehl Amsterdam Ladies Champion again!

With the help of our sponsors: SICKBOARDS, PAVELS SKATES, STUUF FROM HELL, MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS, ETNIES, CONCRETE SURFER, AMSTERDAM SLALOM SCHOOL, SEISMIC ,CONCRETE WAVE, THE CITY OF AMSTERDAM and ISKATEBOARD. we were able to share 1000 Euros in cash,500 Euros in vouchers and lots of swags among the winners. We were able to help new skaters learn new techniques and more important of all we were having a good time under Dutch sunshine watching the best in the World.

Bart is busy now with the final results, please bear a little long with us. We were all super tired yesterday after the contest.

THE HELL edition ASS666 was a total success. One that we as The Dutch Crew proudly pulled out.

Ernst-jan de Boom, Debbie Tix, Wouter van Hamburg, Bart Brunninkhuis, Paul Brunninkhuis. THANK YOU!!

On behalf of the Dutch Crew.

Flávio Badenes.

Results, Hybrid:

Open, top 3:

1. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
2. Fabian Björnstjerna, SWE
3. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT

Open qualifications (pdf)
Open eliminations (pdf)
Women eliminations (pdf)
Junior eliminations (pdf)

Results, Special:

Open, top 3:

1. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
2. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
3. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT

Open qualifications (pdf)
Open eliminations (pdf)
Women eliminations (pdf)
Junior eliminations (pdf)

Results, Giant Slalom:

Open, top 3:

1. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
2. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
3. Viktor Hadestrand, SWE

Open qualifications (pdf)

Results, Overall:

Open, top 5:

1. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
2. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
3. Fabian Björnstjerna, SWE
4. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT
5. Viktor Hadestrand, SWE

Overall, points and stuff (pdf)

Ranking update April 30

[May 6th, 2012 by Hans Koraeus]

ISSA World Ranking - April 30 2012

The monthly ranking update for 2012 is calculated.
See ranking article.
See ranking overview.

The event list are missing some results from April events.

ISSA World Ranking - April 30 2012

First ranking update 2012

[April 5th, 2012 by Hans Koraeus]

ISSA World Ranking - 2012 (March)

The first ranking update for 2012 is calculated.
Ranking Overview to see all the the most important ranking results.

Rank website news this month
- You now can sign up for having a special forum for your event where you can add your own news and articles.
You manage it just as normal posts in the forum.

Now working on...
- World rank event home page management.

More ranking info...
Event Calendar 2012 for current status of all events.
ISSA World ranking pages for more info

Martin Luther King of the Hill - Jan 14 - 15, 2012

[March 14th, 2012 by Ron Barbagallo]

Martin Luther King of the Hill - Jan 14 - 15, 2012
An early kick off to the season in So Cal -- Two days at the Pump Station -- including Hybrid, Giant & Slalom X. The event featured a serious lineup with local legends and top pros - Richy Carrasco, Mike Maysey, Lynn Kramer and Chris Yandall along with visiting racers including Lou Statman, Am World Champ 2011, who came all the way from Texas, Jonny Miller (Central Cal) and Josh Harvey (Nor Cal). Great to see the legendary Hackman not only at the event but looking fit and racing fast too!

Awesome to see the fresh group of young gun racers fired up and off to a great start for Saturday's Hybrid. Props to Lynn Kramer and the Brickners at The Grind Skate Shop for working with these juniors to get them race ready -- check the pics for some styling young talent.

What a blast! Top Finishers are:

Overall King of the Hill - Richy Carrasco!

Slalom X:
1 Richy Carrasco
2 Mike Maysey
3 Jonny Miller

Giant Slalom:
1 Richy Carrasco
2 Mike Maysey
3 Lou Statman

Hybrid Pro A:
1 Mike Maysey
2 David Hackett
3 Richy Carrasco

Hybrid Open B:
1 Lynn Kramer
2 Michael Kaelon
3 Pat Brickner

Jr Hybrid:
1 - CJ
2 - Ocean
3 - Orion

Check out the full results and spreadsheet downloads here:

event thread on issa website: http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=8239

Worlds and Euros 2012

[February 29th, 2012 by ISSA Board of Directors]

It is with great pleasure that the ISSA Board of Directors today can announce two of the most important races of 2012: The Worlds and the Euros.

ISSA World Championships 2012
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Date: 27-28-29 July
Main organizer: Robert Thiele
Topics: http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=241
Status: MAJOR

European Championships 2012
Location: Riga, Latvia
Date: 14-15 July
Main organizer: Gustavs Gailitis
Topics: http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=242
Status: MAIN

Announcements from each of the organizers will be presented in the forums dedicated to these races. Also, we encourage you to ask questions to the organizers in these topics, so that answers become available for all.

The ISSA Board of Directors would like that thank these organizers and their teams for their efforts in preparing these events.

Let the racing begin!

Forum announcement, and discussions: http://www.slalomskateboarder.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=8279

ISSA Newsletter - February 2012

[February 18th, 2012 by ISSA Board of Directors]

The February ISSA Newsletter is out


- Thanks to BOD members of 2011
- ISSA World Ranking 2011 - final
- ISSA World Championships 2012 - soon to be announced
- Sponsors 2012
- Monthly sponsors 2012
- Voting membership 2012

Interesting facts in the news letter includes the statistics from the ISSA World Ranking where it shows that 2011 was the most active year in the history of the ranking.
932 riders participated in the 88 events of last year and creating a total of 4969 individual results. Nearly 5000 results done by close to a 1000 skaters. Very impressive!


Re: ISSA World Ranking 2011

[February 12th, 2012 by Hans Koraeus]

ISSA World Ranking - 2011 (Final)

The final ranking update for 2011 is calculated.
To see the overview of all the most important ranking results see the new Ranking overview.

1. Joe McLaren (USA) 1:st PRO this season 2011.
His best ever season result. And he now also tops the official (4-year) World Ranking so he has a long and proven record behind him. Congratulations Joe!
2. Janis Kuzmins (LAT) 2:nd place PRO season 2011.
The highest place he has ever had. Also 2:nd place in the official (4-year) World Ranking 2011.
3. Viking Hadestrand (SWE) 3:rd place PRO season 2011.
3. Dominik Kowalski (GER) 3:rd place official (4-year) World Ranking 2011.

1. Lou Statman (USA) 1:st place AM 2011.
1. Mikael Hadestrand (SWE) 1:st place Master ranking 2011. Also 4:th place PRO season 2011.
1. Gabriel Duquet (CAN) 1:st place Jun 2011.

1. Lynn Kramer (USA) 1:st place Women Season 2011. Also 1:st place in the official (4-year) World Ranking 2011.
1. Lienite Skaraine (LAT) 1:st place Women Season 2011. 2:nd place in the official (4-year) World Ranking 2011.
1. Lisa Scott (USA) 1:st place Women Masters 2011.
1. Irene Di Giorgio (ITA) 1:st place Jun Girls 2011.

1. Steve Pederson (USA) 1:st place Rookie PRO 2011.
1. Bruno Olivera (BRA) 1:st place Rookie AM 2011.
1. Lisa Scott (USA) 1:st place Rookie Women 2011.

Rank website news this month
- Ranking overview page.

Now working on...
- Ranking tools for event management.

Check the event calendar for current status of all events.
Calendar 2011
Calendar 2012

News updates at SlalomSkateboarder.com

[January 2nd, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

To start off the new year we've made some updates to the front page of SlalomSkateboarder.com.

The purpose is to bring the two sites SlalomSkateboarder and SlalomRanking closer together and also better integrate the Forum. We also wanted to allow for some "static" informational pages such as Resources, About, and Join the ISSA. We've done so by creating a common menu that will soon be present across the whole ISSA site. It's work in progress and this is only the first step, but we thought it was worthwhile to go live even while still working on it.

Besides improved navigation and a better website experience, another advantage is that it's easier to post news on the front page now. Any administrator or ISSA Board Member can post a new article without fiddling with html and ftp. The news topics are being read from a regular but hidden forum and then automatically translated into html thanks to the work of Guillaume StCriq and our web programmer George. Corky then integrated the entire menu system, designed by Stefan Åkesson, into the different sections of this site to give the site that common access and common design.

There's still plenty of work to be done, but this is an important step!


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