[August 27th, 2012 by Guillaume Saint-Criq]

Special Slalom

Final Position Racer No. & Name Qualifying Time Qualifying Position
1 43 Kowalski Dominik (GER) (PRO#) 10,794 3
2 13 Hadestrand Viking (SWE) (PRO#2) 10,577 1
3 45 Kuzmins Janis (LAT) (PRO#3) 10,782 2
4 12 Dupont Michel (FRA) (PRO#13) 11,075 5
5 22 Baumann Christoph (GER) (PRO#10) 10,960 4
6 47 Dupont Christopher (FRA) (PRO#19) 11,100 6
7 15 Mika Hadestrand (SWE) (PRO#4) 11,113 7
8 44 Gailitis Gustavs (LAT) (PRO#6) 11,418 8
9 12 Artemov Georguy (RUS) (AM#4) 11,622 9
10 34 Navarro Fernandez Daniel (ESP) (AM#10) 11,936 10
11 Camelan Marc (FRA) (AM#17) 12,247 11
12 11 Tanguy Vincent (FRA) (AM#25) 12,296 12
13 29 Di Giorgio Zaccaria (ITA) (AM#179) 12,316 13
14 1 Saint Criq Guillaume (FRA) (AM#19) 12,323 14
15 9 Uzhegov Andrey (RUS) (AM#NR) 12,346 15
16 39 Lassale Maxime (FRA) (AM#113) 12,364 16
17 21 Sehl Kathrin (GER) (WOM#2) 12,538
18 33 Langlade Vincent (FRA) (PRO#63) 12,587
19 40 Samray Pierre (FRA) (PRO#43) 12,739
20 20 Perez Alfonso (ESP) (AM#194) 13,217
21 56 Lozano Patrick 13,315
22 10 Richard Julien (FRA) (AM#85) 13,339
23 27 Di Giorgio Irene (ITA) (WOM#10) 13,727
24 41 Roascio Joran (FRA) (AM#213) 13,734
25 23 Natalya Dudina (RUS) (WOM#17) 13,803
26 16 Malisheva Dariay (RUS) (WOM#NR) 14,108
27 19 Wyncoll Charles (FRA) (AM#258) 14,285
28 25 Di Giorgio Franco (ITA) (AM#59) 16,525
29 8 Visona Lydie (FRA) (WOM#) 18,351

Overall Results

place nom points
1 43 Kowalski Dominik (GER) (PRO#) 265
2 13 Hadestrand Viking (SWE) (PRO#2) 240
3 45 Kuzmins Janis (LAT) (PRO#3) 235
4 15 Mika Hadestrand (SWE) (PRO#4) 192
5 12 Dupont Michel (FRA) (PRO#13) 181
6 22 Baumann Christoph (GER) (PRO#10) 170
7 47 Dupont Christopher (FRA) (PRO#19) 158
8 44 Gailitis Gustavs (LAT) (PRO#6) 146
9 12 Artemov Georguy (RUS) (AM#4) 136
10 11 Tanguy Vincent (FRA) (AM#25) 132
11 34 Navarro Fernandez Daniel (ESP) (AM#10) 128
12 21 Sehl Kathrin (GER) (WOM#2) 112
12 1 Saint Criq Guillaume (FRA) (AM#19) 112
14 40 Samray Pierre (FRA) (PRO#43) 111
15 39 Lassale Maxime (FRA) (AM#113) 102
16 10 Richard Julien (FRA) (AM#85) 100
16 9 Ujegov Andrey (RUS) (AM#NR) 100
18 29 Di Giorgio Zaccaria (ITA) (AM#179) 94
19 Camelan Marc (FRA) (AM#17) 90
20 20 Perez Alfonso (ESP) (AM#194) 83
21 41 Roascio Joran (FRA) (AM#213) 78
22 16 Malisheva Dariay (RUS) (WOM#NR) 71
22 27 Di Giorgio Irene (ITA) (WOM#10) 71
24 19 Wyncoll Charles (FRA) (AM#258) 70
25 23 Natalya Dudina (RUS) (WOM#17) 69
26 25 Di Giorgio Franco (ITA) (AM#59) 64
27 33 Langlade Vincent (FRA) (PRO#63) 62
28 56 Lozano Patrick 54
29 8 Visona Lydie (FRA) (WOM#) 39
30 8 Blaives Jules (FRA) (AM#) 36

Grenoble 2012 - Day 2 - TIGHT SLALOM RESULTS

[August 25th, 2012 by Guillaume Saint-Criq]


Final Position Racer No. & Name Qualifying Time Qualifying Position
1 45 Kuzmins Janis (LAT) (PRO#3) 10,645 2
2 13 Hadestrand Viking (SWE) (PRO#2) 10,439 1
3 15 Mika Hadestrand (SWE) (PRO#4) 10,899 4
4 43 Kowalski Dominik (GER) (PRO#) 10,685 3
5 12 Dupont Michel (FRA) (PRO#13) 10,903 5
6 47 Dupont Christopher (FRA) (PRO#19) 11,034 6
7 44 Gailitis Gustavs (LAT) (PRO#6) 11,182 7
8 22 Baumann Christoph (GER) (PRO#10) 11,239 8
9 12 Artemov Georguy (RUS) (AM#4) 11,825 9
10 Camelan Marc (FRA) (AM#17) 11,848 10
11 34 Navarro Fernandez Daniel (ESP) (AM#10) 12,113 11
12 1 Saint Criq Guillaume (FRA) (AM#19) 12,239 12
13 11 Tanguy Vincent (FRA) (AM#25) 12,516 13
14 21 Sehl Kathrin (GER) (WOM#2) 12,547 14
15 9 Ujegov Andrey (RUS) (AM#NR) 12,566 15
16 39 Lassale Maxime (FRA) (AM#113) 12,608 16
17 33 Langlade Vincent (FRA) (PRO#63) 12,919
18 40 Samray Pierre (FRA) (PRO#43) 12,954
19 29 Di Giorgio Zaccaria (ITA) (AM#179) 13,036
20 20 Perez Alfonso (ESP) (AM#194) 13,045
21 56 Lozano Patrick 13,330
22 10 Richard Julien (FRA) (AM#85) 13,431
23 41 Roascio Joran (FRA) (AM#213) 14,515
24 27 Di Giorgio Irene (ITA) (WOM#10) 14,760
25 16 Malisheva Dariay (RUS) (WOM#NR) 14,798
26 23 Natalya Dudina (RUS) (WOM#17) 14,982
27 25 Di Giorgio Franco (ITA) (AM#59) 16,138
28 8 Visona Lydie (FRA) (WOM#) 17,724
29 19 Wyncoll Charles (FRA) (AM#258) -


Final Position Racer No. & Name Qualifying Time Qualifying Position
1 21 Sehl Kathrin (GER) (WOM#2) 12,547 1
2 16 Malisheva Dariay (RUS) (WOM#NR) 14,798 3
3 23 Natalya Dudina (RUS) (WOM#17) 14,982 4
4 27 Di Giorgio Irene (ITA) (WOM#10) 14,760 2
5 8 Visona Lydie (FRA) (WOM#) 17,724

Grenoble 2012 - Day 1 - GIANT SLALOM RESULTS

[August 24th, 2012 by Guillaume Saint-Criq]


Qualifying Position Racer No. & Name Best Time

1 Kowalski Dominik (GER) (PRO#7) 28,973
2 Hadestrand Viking (SWE) (PRO#2) 30,317
3 Mika Hadestrand (SWE) (PRO#4) 30,780
4 Kuzmins Janis (LAT) (PRO#3) 31,088
5 Baumann Christoph (GER) (PRO#10) 31,547
6 Dupont Michel (FRA) (PRO#13) 31,700
7 Samray Pierre (FRA) (PRO#43) 32,136
8 Tanguy Vincent (FRA) (AM#25) 32,692
9 Richard Julien (FRA) (AM#85) 32,910
10 Dupont Christopher (FRA) (PRO#19) 33,040
11 Gailitis Gustavs (LAT) (PRO#6) 33,041
12 Sehl Kathrin (GER) (WOM#2) 33,282
13 Artemov Georguy (RUS) (AM#4) 33,286
14 Navarro Fernandez Daniel (ESP) (AM#10) 34,392
15 Blaives Jules (FRA) (AM#105) 34,436
16 Lassale Maxime (FRA) (AM#113) 34,494
17 Saint Criq Guillaume (FRA) (AM#19) 34,626
18 Wyncoll Charles (FRA) (AM#258) 36,780
19 Roascio Joran (FRA) (AM#213) 40,218


1 9 Ujegov Andrey (RUS) (AM#NR) 11,916
2 20 Perez Alfonso (ESP) (AM#194) 12,525
3 16 Malisheva Dariay (RUS) (WOM#NR) 12,717
4 29 Di Giorgio Zaccaria (ITA) (AM#179) 12,843
5 23 Natalya Dudina (RUS) (WOM#17) 12,975
6 25 Di Giorgio Franco (ITA) (AM#59) 13,805
7 27 Di Giorgio Irene (ITA) (WOM#10) 14,720

Kill Hill 2, Czech Republic, August 4

[August 7th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

We haven't even recovered from the racing experience at the World Championships in Stuttgart and racing at ISSA Main level is already happning again! This time in Liberec, Czech Republic - Kill Hill Vol 2.

Check out the results of the tight racing, where Jaroslav Knettig beats Dominik in the head-to-head finals!
Overall winner is Dominik after winning both the Hybrid and Giant slalom races.

Overall results:

1. Dominik Kowalski, GER
2. Jaroslav Knettig, CZE
3. Josef Stefka, CZE
4. Robert Thiele, Ger
5. Stanislav Nozka, CZE

Results (complete PDFs):

Dual Tight http://www.sk8slalom.cz/wp-content/uploads/kill-hill-2012-tight.pdf
Giant http://www.sk8slalom.cz/wp-content/uploads/kill-hill-2012-giant.pdf
Overall http://www.sk8slalom.cz/wp-content/uploads/kill-hill-2012-overall.pdf

World Championships Update - Day 3

[July 30th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

Sunshine, fully functional timer, great location, good racing and a really large and cheering crowd - the 2012 World Championships comes to a Happy End after two days of rain and interrupted racing. With more than 115 participants this world championships turned from a rescue operation into the biggest World Championships so far.

It was a real pleasure to see and hear the big crowd cheer as racers headed down the hill, following the times on the large timer displays and every time a new best time was set the crowd burst out in a an even louder cheer! Racers had pretty good speed in a course that wasn´t too challenging, but still interesting. The difficulty was primarily to find just the right line, not to loose out on any speed that should be preciously kept all the way through. Dominik early on set the time to look up to and noone was even coming near until Joe McLaren unleashed his power and worked through the course. Being the current GS world champion he wasn´t going to give it away too easily. Giant slalom has often been won by American riders and once again that rule was confirmed. Nobody could challenge Joe, even in their second runs, and as a matter of fact not many did actually improve their times on their second try.

Results Giant Slalom:

1. Joe McLaren, USA
2. Dominik Kowalski, GER
3. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
4. Henrik Wadsten, SWE
5. Robert Thiele, GER
6. Maurus Strobel, SUI
7. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT
8. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
9. Michel Dupont, FRA
10. Richy Carrasco, USA
11. Mikael Hadestrand, SWE
12. Fabian Koula, SUI
13. Dalibor Danhel, CZE
14. Chris Schütz, GER
15. Jaroslav Knettig, CZE
16. Ferdinand Lindner, GER
17. Louis Ricard, CAN
18. Petr Novotny, CZE
19. Christoph Baumann, GER
20. Peter Klang, SWE


1. Kathrin Sehl, GER
2. Olesya Naumchik, RUS
3. Lienite Skaraine, LAT


1. Edijs Jermancenko, LAT
2. Petr Matusj, CZE
3. Zaccaria Di Giorgio, ITA

Jun women

1. Anna Tehza, CZE
2. Raduska Podlahova, CZE
3. Charlota Kleinova, CZE


1. Melle Stolk, NED
2. Terezka Podlanova, CZE
3. Matej Stefka, CZE

Overall, men:

1. Joe McLaren, USA
2. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
3. Dominik Kowalski, GER

Overall women:

1. Kathrin Sehl, GER
2. Lienite Skaraine, LAT
3. Olesya Naumchik, RUS

Complete results:

Overall results:

World Championships Update - Day 2

[July 29th, 2012 by Rob Ashby]

After heavy overnight rain and a very wet start to the day Hybrid qualifying got underway later than scheduled at Scharnhauser Park.
Some timing issues delayed proceedings and things were further compounded when another heavy downpour halfway through the second qualifying runs bought things to an abrupt end - seemingly for the day!

Following an extended lunch break Robert announced that we would have to use the completed first run times to decide the final positions for the Hybrid. However with the sun shining through, starting to dry out the track the racers decided with a show of hands that they would prefer to wait for the track to dry and complete the second qualifying runs. The earlier wind having dropped away times were a lot quicker in the second session of qualifying.

In the Womens Division Kathrin Sehl took the Hybrid title from Olesya Naumchik and Lienite Skaraine took the third place spot following a protest from Olesya regarding cone counts.

After some very intense, fast runs it was Joe McLaren that won through to take the Mens Hybrid crown with a time of 12.70 with Viking Hadestrand (12.83) in second and after a long absence from the racing scene the returning Henrik Wadsten (12.89) took the third spot. Dominik Kowalski just missed out on a podium place by the narrowest of margins with his time of 12.93.

Over and out from Stuttgart - off to the Giant Slalom this morning.

Hybrid results:

1. Joe McLaren, USA
2. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
3. Henrik Wadsten, SWE


1. Kathrin Sehl, GER
2. Olesya Naumchik, RUS
3. Lienite Skaraine, LAT


1. Petr Matouš, CZE
2. Edijs Jermacenko, LAT
3. Toms Dreiblats, LAT

Jun girls

1. Anna Tehza, CZE
2. Raduška Podlahová, CZE
3. Charlota Kleinova, CZE


1. Vincent Kitzhöfer, GER
2. Vitek Hromadko, CZE
3. Max Thiele, GER

World Championships Update - Day 1

[July 27th, 2012 by Rob Ashby]

The first day of the 2012 Worlds got underway at Scharnhauser Park under clear blue skies and 33 degree heat!
Following a warm welcome from Robert, his crew and the City of Stuttgart qualifying got underway for the Tight Slalom. Times were incredibly close, nowhere more so that in the Mens Open Division where just 0.96 seconds separated the top 16 riders!
The under 12 Junior Division was won by up and coming Dutch rider Melle Stolk who put in a solid performance - one to watch out for in coming years.
In the 12-16 Juniors the racing was really fast and furious. After some very close heats it was Pavel protege Vincent Kitzhöfer that took the first place, with Czech Vitek Hromadko in second. Anna Tehza and Max Thiele took third and fourth respectively.
In the Womens Division relative newcomer Olesya Naumchik of Russia was keen to build on her recent performance in the Euro's, alas she took a nasty fall in one of her final heats.
Lienite Skaraine was then left to battle it out with Kathrin Sehl, but cone penalties were to be Kathrin's undoing leaving Lienite to take the title. Olesya bravely fought back and took third place in the consolation round from Eva Jedlickova.
The mens round of 16 started under overcast skies and as things were really hotting up going into the round of 8 the heavens open causing the days racing to come to a premature end.
Full results from today will be posted up by the organisers tomorrow as I understand. Stay tuned for more tomorrow, this is your Worlds correspondent signing off for now!


1. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
2. Mikael Hadestrand, SWE
3. Joe McLaren, USA
4. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
5. Christoph Baumann, GER
6. Dominik Kowalski, GER
7. Louis Ricard, CAN
8. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT
9. Henrik Wadsten, SWE
10. Stanislav Mironenko, UKR


1. Lienite Skaraine, LAT
2. Kathrin Sehl, GER
3. Olesya Naumchik, RUS


1. Petr Matous, CZE
2. Vojta Valena, CZE
3. Edijs Jermacenko, LAT


1. Melle Stolk, NED
2. Terezka Podlahova, CZE
3. Lukas Knobloch, GER

Overall victories at Euros to Germany!

[July 16th, 2012 by Jani Soderhall]

The Euros suffered plenty of rain, not constant, but enough to keep the ground unskateable but racers and organizers didn't give up. Saturday the GS finished close to midnight and Sunday two disciplines was held indoors. But the skaters were skating and new European Champions were crowned! Overall honors goes to Germany with Dominik Kowalski winning the overall mens category and Katrin Sehl winning the overall ladies category.

1. Dominik Kowalski
2. Janis Kuzmins
3. Gustavs Gailitis

1. Janis Kuzmins
2. Mikael Hadestrand
3. Dominik Kowalski

1. Dominik Kowalski
2. Mikael Hadestrand
3. Janis Kuzmins

GS Women:
1. Lienite Skaraine
2. Katrin Sehl
3. Olesya Naumchik

1. Olesya Naumchik
2. Katrin Sehl
3. Lienite Skaraine

1. Katrin Sehl
2. Olesya Naumchik
3. Hanna Jaakola

TEXAS OUTLAWS Will Host 2013 World Championships!

[July 2nd, 2012 by ISSA Board of Directors]

After careful consideration, the ISSA Board of Directors has unanimously approved the Texas Outlaws' application to host the 2013 World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding. The Outlaws' application, and their track record of hosting the very popular Cold Fusion Sizzler race for nine years in a row, showed that they have access to world-class hills and facilities, along with an organization that is capable of hosting an event of World Championship size and scope.

The 2013 World Championships will receive the ISSA's highest event status, Major, for 2013 in North America.

Exact dates have not yet been decided, but the event will likely be held in late October or early November 2013. It is hoped that awarding the World Championships designation well in advance will allow the group ample time to recruit and attract sponsors.

More details will be announced here on slalomskateboarder.com as further developments occur.

Amsterdam Slalom Series 12-13 May 2012

[May 13th, 2012 by Flavio Badenes]

Hey hey hey what a super weekend! The best racers in the world. The new generation is Slalom skateboarding, including that 49 year-old teenager called Fabian
Björnstjerna. It was great to watch such an unbelievable technical level. Viking, Viktor, Jānis Kuzmins, Gustavs Gailitis, the new comer Russian lady Alessya Naumchik, old friends like Markus Roch, Donald Campbell, Sam Gordon, Rob Ashby, Louis Selby, Bruno Silva De Oliveira. Too many great riders to name. It was great to see you all here again!

The kids, amazing! Vincent, Melle, Milos, Max and Felix. Super well done.

Katrin Sehl Amsterdam Ladies Champion again!

With the help of our sponsors: SICKBOARDS, PAVELS SKATES, STUUF FROM HELL, MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS, ETNIES, CONCRETE SURFER, AMSTERDAM SLALOM SCHOOL, SEISMIC ,CONCRETE WAVE, THE CITY OF AMSTERDAM and ISKATEBOARD. we were able to share 1000 Euros in cash,500 Euros in vouchers and lots of swags among the winners. We were able to help new skaters learn new techniques and more important of all we were having a good time under Dutch sunshine watching the best in the World.

Bart is busy now with the final results, please bear a little long with us. We were all super tired yesterday after the contest.

THE HELL edition ASS666 was a total success. One that we as The Dutch Crew proudly pulled out.

Ernst-jan de Boom, Debbie Tix, Wouter van Hamburg, Bart Brunninkhuis, Paul Brunninkhuis. THANK YOU!!

On behalf of the Dutch Crew.

Flávio Badenes.

Results, Hybrid:

Open, top 3:

1. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
2. Fabian Björnstjerna, SWE
3. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT

Open qualifications (pdf)
Open eliminations (pdf)
Women eliminations (pdf)
Junior eliminations (pdf)

Results, Special:

Open, top 3:

1. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
2. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
3. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT

Open qualifications (pdf)
Open eliminations (pdf)
Women eliminations (pdf)
Junior eliminations (pdf)

Results, Giant Slalom:

Open, top 3:

1. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
2. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
3. Viktor Hadestrand, SWE

Open qualifications (pdf)

Results, Overall:

Open, top 5:

1. Viking Hadestrand, SWE
2. Janis Kuzmins, LAT
3. Fabian Björnstjerna, SWE
4. Gustavs Gailitis, LAT
5. Viktor Hadestrand, SWE

Overall, points and stuff (pdf)

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19